HELEX TOKEN Built to be Used as a Payment Method for All the Services we Offer

Helex  world is solution-oriented and aims to provide the right solution for the client. Helex Corporation registered in the Republic of Seychelles with a competent team who have experience in managing investment funds and asset management and legal compliance.
Corporations registered in the jurisdiction of the o? Shore to protect the identity of the client and to avoid the Helex high taxes.
Helex could do that investor up to 51% of the pro for each client they bring, because Helex pays taxes to zero Helex exclusive services because of Helex very connected to local agencies around the world which in turn gives access to a large variety of goods and services, regardless of location.
Helex connects the world cryptocurrency with the real world are personal and professional. Helex token is built on top of the Ethereum network could be used to pay for services such as purchasing real estate properties as well as luxury car anywhere in the world.

With the company’s head of Helex located in Dubai and Europe, then it will open up a new State in different countries as shown on roadmaps Helex. Currently, investors who have assets in crypto does not see the possibility could take the purchasing power that is traditionally currencies.bThus having difficulty buying properties luxury cars, or other valuables.
However, Helex Corporation makes this possible with a very simple way. Through excellent services, Helex Corporation also simplifies the client the possibility to purchase and have the goods/valuable items in the real world.
Are you a tech investor? If your answer is Yes, then the Helex Corporation
welcomes you home;

where the world kriptokurensi and real world meet at the bridge of blockchain technology that they use to control the system token Helex reliably and safely and without government interference or control, Helex gives free service to all clients.

Helexpersonalized services to its clients; while adapting to the needs.
All customers can have their personal property in the name of or create a company offshore to protect their names. Helex Corporation will always respect the local laws of each country or State, and always suggested by the notary public and local attorneys along with international lawyer

ICO Helex Details
Helex token is a crypto has been built to be used as a payment method for all services Helex have.
It was built in the blockade of the ethereum, secure and decentralized platforms that allow payments between users around the world.

Helex token will be added in bursa on Q2 2018, where all users can buy
and Exchange, Helex will also add an additional benefit to the founder, diamond and
Gold investors who hold their token, under the Helex details all the information from the token created its own economy at the Helex block ethereum. Helex company able to create token Erc20 in Ethereal
Have control over the resources of a person is very important and it is important
Of the advantage is they make a token that makes it easier for clients to use as a form of payment for the project and other trading activity on the Exchange.
Helex Verify Your smart contract code and is responsible for making contact with the eterscan, coinmarketcap and eidoo purse to verify all of your information. It is mandatory that you
The contract is verified to list on the stock exchange and also has a good reputation.
Helex helps you make sure Your registered ethereum token Exchange and advise You on which exchanges they can better depending on your needs also helps choose the best wallet to store your token.

Helex Corporation creating private solutions, tailored to the needs of the client, provide another possibility is available in different countries around the world.
Technical details

Token Name: Helex
Token Symbols: HLX
Decimal: 1
Total Supply: 5 million units
Style Supply: dev Ationary
The address of the contract: 0x9A00D6564945681018619Fc8957C798c2Bc7C9Fc

Eidoo is a mobile application that is fast, easy, and not just the wallets, multi-currency
This is also the Exchange hybrid.

Ethereum, bitcoin and all Erc20 tokens stored in one backup
private key passphrase which is managed by the user and is encrypted on the device. A high level of security thanks to the recovery tool Eidoo. Myetherwallet.com is a website and not purses save your keys for you. Only you have the key, recover access account, reset the password, or vice versa the transaction. Protect your key & always check that you are in the correct URL.

Website: https://helex.world
Luxpaper: https://helex.world/Luxpaper.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2971434
Twitter: https://twitter.com/helexcorp
Telegram: https://t.me/helextoken
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/helexcorp

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