HEROIC – Cybersecurity Powered by Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain

HEROIC – Have you ever wondered how much we trust technology? Orintiruemsja on the indicators of medical espresso, decide to go to green, electro transport-all this is the result of our confidence in technology. But what will happen if at one point all the systems, from children’s toys to the control of the dampers on the dam, the entire infrastructure will be subjected to hacker attacks and technology management will go all to one person or group of people. and Chet Bennet and his team proposed their concept of solving this problem-HEROIC.

HEROIC is an open, intelligent and stimulating cybersecurity ecosystem based on the blockchain, which protects against cyber threats now and in the future as well.

The main components of the ecosystem are:
 Decentralized cyber-threat recognition platform called HEROIC ARC Reactor ™;
 Cloud-based unified threat management system called HEROIC Guardian ™;
 Research and Development (“R & D Environment”) for developers to develop and test their own algorithms on a secure, hosted platform.
These are the three key components that are and complement each other. Now let’s take a closer look at each of these components.

HEROIC ARC Reactor ™ is an open, decentralized security threat management system based on the blockchain. The concept of an ARC reactor is to provide an open repository of information about threats to cybernetics. The purpose of the ARC reactor is to provide an Open Data warehouse based on which an algorithm will be developed with the help of which the artificial intelligence will analyze the threats and classify them. As long as the artificial intelligence will be used, the algorithm will be more accurate and qualitative when adding a large amount of data. As a consequence, HEROIC ARC Reactor ™ will become one of the найболее major repositories of cyber threats in the world. The cost of these data will be calculated by a special formula. The price will be formed by several criteria, such as the significance of the given, threat assessment, data volume. The market for the data provided by ARC Reactor is designed exclusively for its own HRO token and associated intelligent contracts.

HEROIC Guardian ™ is a unified cloud platform for cybersecurity. It provides a simple and accessible online interface for both individual users and businesses to manage all parts of cybersecurity. The Guardian uses threat data from the ARC reactor and combines them with artificial intelligence to predict and prevent cyber. The Guardian will allow software developers and organizations to develop additional integration and applications that connect to the Guardian and its data tier. This integration will allow developers to grow and monetize their creations, leading to an even more robust and holistic cybersecurity platform. It is through HEROIC Guardian ™ and will be implemented access and management purse HRO.

The R & D Environment will provide developers, organizations, and companies with a central location for visual and programmatic interaction with real-time data and threats provided by ARC reactor.
Developers can explore, develop, and test their own algorithms in a secure, hosted environment.
The research environment will also provide access to common algorithms and software for analyzing and blocking threats, with the ability to transform overwhelming and disparate data into effective insights and intelligence.
HEROIC is designed to provide the data, tools, and software needed to build the next generation of cybersecurity based on AI.
Data and resources in the R & D environment will be accessed exclusively through a token HRO
More detailed information about the project you can find on the official website, where the roadmap of the project is indicated and there is also a white sheet in which everything is very accessible and described in detail.

Now is the stage of pre-sales, so you still have the opportunity to take advantage of the 20% bonus. Consider the basic data on token sales:

Pre-Sale: 01.06-31.07
ICO: 01.08 – 01.09
Price: HRO = $0.1125
Soft Cap: 2 500 000 $
Hard Cap: 41 000 000 $

Conclusion :
HEROIC  In the end, I would like to say that the solution to the problem of loss of personal data and improvement of mechanisms to combat cyber attacks using AI and blockchain technology-is interesting and ambitious. And given the existence of the site Research and Development and the presence of the Proffesialnoj team, which is behind this project-HEROIC is an absolute favorite in the field of cybersecurity.
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