Hi: Health The personal ecosystem for real-time diagnosing of a human body and identifying cause of disease

Hi: Health is a global ecosystem built on the basis of blockchain and artificial intelligence to analyze your personal health information. This system will diagnose the human body in real time, will find sources of disease, and suggest ways how they can be prevented. That is, the system will give clear recommendations personally to each person, that he, adjusting his way of life, could avoid bad consequences for health.
The doctor, before prescribing treatment should see not only the course of the disease, but also know the habits of the person in a healthy condition, and the properties of his body.
Similar to the principle of working with Apple watch gadgets, or hours on Android, but there is not a very large amount of data. A wide range of parameters determining the human condition will be considered here. These watch-trackers already exist. That is, the funds are collected not for development, but for the development of the already completed project, which is currently working, and has already managed to prove itself. Also, there are mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play-they look very bright and beautiful.
I would like to say that the idea itself is very competent and timely, and so far no one has implemented a qualitatively such idea. Therefore, if the team can do it in a short time, then without a doubt the value of HIH tokens will grow.
This project is connected with health care, with medicine, that in the world blockchain is rather a rare phenomenon. This is a big step forward and a breakthrough in diagnosing and preventing many diseases.
The Hihealth platform will use the ability of artificial intelligence for analysis. That is, the artificial intelligence algorithm will use the data and experience of thousands of doctors from around the world, and millions of studies. Because even the most experienced doctor is just a human being. And he can not study the patient’s behavior in such detail and take into account tens of thousands of different parameters, comparing all the data. And then to help people come machines with artificial intelligence (or machine learning), which under the force of such tasks. The Hihealth service can easily combine any amount of data when answering certain questions. And this is ideal just for this situation.
Scheme of work:
In short, everything happens this way:
 A first collection of personal data;
 Then download them;
 Safe and anonymous storage (thanks to BLOKCHEJNU);
 You can receive tokens as a reward. They will expand functionality, provide discounts, and can be exchanged for fiat money;
 You will be able to sell your data for tokens;
 Analyze data using artificial intelligence for early stages of disease;
 You can buy and connect gadgets for express diagnostics of the body;
 Register for a survey;
 Find and buy medications;
Also, the source of the disease will be identified, or several, recommendations of the system of lifestyle will be issued, an individual plan of treatment and nutrition, control of medication intake, reminders, and tracking Process of treatment, whether there are improvements, and how it is possible to adapt to the situation.
What is the mining date?
A large amount of data will be processed, and certain patterns are identified, and it will be clear what leads. In this case, plus blockchain is that it allows you to store the data without fear that it will fall into the third hand. Because it is confidential information, and your health is not required to report to anyone. Access will be open only to those who pass the verification. That is, the databases will be transparent and stable, no one can hack or steal. Smart contracts can help you automate your system and reduce costs.
2 ecosystems of the Hihealth project:
There will be a separate ecosystem for doctors. That is, the data will be exchanged for system tokens. They can also be exchanged for access to the established causes of the disease. That is, the doctor can use tokens to access a large amount of data.
And there will be an ecosystem for business. It can be attended by:
 Insurance companies – will increase profits due to more accurate probabilities of insurance cases;
 Pharmaceutical companies – will receive statistics, reports on sales of medicinal products;
 Clinics – will receive an improvement in the quality of treatment;
 Research centers – can use mining and machine learning capacities to identify statistical patterns. That is, people will receive huge amounts of data that can be processed and studied.
Thus, everything remains in the win.
ICO Terms:
Pre-ICO program was held with 09.04.2018 on 20.05.2018, with bonus + 50%
Main ICO: from 21.05.2018 to 10.08.2018
Total number of tokens: 1 000 000 000
Initial Price: $0.1 per 1 HIH
The ultimate goal is to sell tokens for 7500 ETH
The token will be issued only once, there will be no additional issue.
79% of tokens will be sold to investors, 14% to the team, 2% Advajzeram, 3% pre-sale, and bounty 2%.
Tracker Rocketbody collects indicators by definition:
 Body temperature
 Breathing Rhythm
 Physical Activity
 Blood alcohol content
 Hemoglobin level
 Arterial pressure
 Heart rate

Apple Watch only supports a few of them at the moment. Hihealth can boast of taking into account 8 parameters, which are important to keep track of during the day. Because for example, the pulse is constantly changing at different times of the day. And in order for the study to be reliable, it is necessary to observe it in dynamics.
This watch is not just a newfangled toy, but a serious diagnostic device.
This device allows even to independently shoot ECG. Just imagine, now for such a procedure does not need to stand the turn in the polyclinic, because modern technology allows you to do everything as quickly, comfortably and reliably, just wearing a hand (and the electrode for the wrist in the meantime will do its job), Or attaching a finger to a special electrode on the device. That is, all sensors are already built, do not need to be in any special way to activate and do not need to buy anything. The algorithm will activate them at the right moment and give the result.
Among the partners of the project, we can name such companies as KICK ICO, Icolancer, Rocket body, Aimedis, ico ALERT, icorating, AMAZON, Nordea, Bestcoin. Track ICO in its ranking assigned the project a rating of 4.3.
A few words about social activity: on Facebook, almost a thousand people follow the project, although it has not been so long ago, on Twitter more than 3,000 followers, and in the Telegram channel-6.5 thousand.
The Hihealth team is quite strong and skilled.
Alexander Potkin – CEO, project owner, Belarusian. He is also the director of the Smart chain project. Prior to that, he managed Zao Elvira.
The founders are specialists from Belarus:
Konstantin Perzhukov is engaged in the implementation of IEM and ERP, well versed in Blokchejne, cryptoconversi, development and implementation of AI.
Evgeny Koval, versed in the development and consulting of solutions for Blockchain, studied electronic money, and also, was involved in the implementation of TMS, ERP, MES.
As for Advajzerov, they are all from the medical field. It is possible to familiarize with profiles of all employees and observers in social. Networks, particularly on LinkedIn, and learn more.

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