HONOR-Say Goodbye to Service Frauds, Late Payments and False Warranties

HONOR is a token based on the Ethereal blockchain technology. This is the main feature of the new Jubs platform described in this project. Users can switch their service HONOR in platform Jubs, use it in additional services or registering them to additional Professional or exchanging them with fiduciary currency exchange partners.
For the next generation, the entrepreneur will be the new career, service will be new jobs, and crypto, new currency. We come from the platform through the Jub crypton security utility HONOR, we are a new concept of work experience and the introduction of informal career, previously only offered by centralized career path of a large organization. .
JUBS trying to enter in the Latin market STUDY of HONOR which was built based on a contract with smart’s mission is to streamline and secure the everyday experience in hiring the services of third parties, and duty in support of culture pay-new request based on skills, performance and professional skills. the reputation of the
Date/period the contribution of the launch, you can submit Your contract to the ETH savvy that will soon be released to receive the token HNR you automatically. After submitting the ETH to our address, our smart contract will count the number of token HNR automatically by sending it directly to your wallet. To provide maximum efficiency and security, all transactions conducted with smart contract from the Ethereal network * just send compatible portfolio of ETH ERC20 like MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Mist or Parity.
Of Labor Statistics showed that the United States work force has increased from 17% in 1989 to become 36% today, and is estimated to be in the year 2020 will reach 43%. In Latin America, lack of jobs contributed to the increase in the number of young workers in the labour market significantly autonomous.
According to the last report of the Iberoamerican Youth Organization (OIJ), 157 million young people in Latin America. In the year 2020, 50% of the world’s labour force will be young people and five years later, this number will increase to 75%. Currently, the unemployment rate among young people is three times higher than for adults. Only in Brazil there are more than 30 million people who provide services in the home or the home of a third party, which led the sector responsible for 10% of the Brazilian GDP in 2016 or about $40 billion per year.
So, I think this market is enormous. However, the process of recruitment of an autonomous service providers face some risks and inefficiencies due to insecurity and the complexity faced by traditional model this critical function. And I think that we should reconsider how we develop and manage our working relationship.
And not just me, a startup company Brazil “JUBS Tecnologia em Serviços LTDA” think the same thing. And they don’t just think about it, they’ve started to change this market and have big plans for the future.
JUBS Tecnologia em Serviços LTDA Brazil a startup company is diidealkan in the year 2015, was selected by Brazil’s largest Accelerator — Inovativa Brazil — among 300 startup companies Brazil’s most innovative in the year 2017.
HONOR appears only as a transactional crypto, but also a utility that strengthens the entire token JUBS platform. It includes: the market is decentralized to the supply and demand of jobs, services and tasks. Conversion of bank credit, installment and fiduciary money in payment of recurring or recurring service crypto. An informal history of the immortality the work and professional identification is not changed. Maintenance awards, punishments and reputation professional transparently. Reliable resolution and contrary in online and offline services. The recording of communications and the collective liability insurance did not change. In addition to the provision of services and execution of long-term assurance.
It was developed under the vision not only feed the JUBS platform, but also build community exchange of decentralized services between client and Professional Latin America, with the main goal of making it the main source of income and between young workers who are employed
The cryptocurrency HONOR (HONOR cryptocurrency (HNR) will be distributed in the ratio of the HNR per 1 ETH to participants based on the daily rate at the initial contribution period, which begins on January 15, 2018. The initial contribution period will run for 4 weeks or in less than 24 hours if the ceiling of USD 15 m is reached.
HONOR is token utilities:
According to Howie, token tests that have a utility function on platforms and investor or buyer not getting rewards or interest only by investing in the token is considered a token utilities. Currency of HONORARIA should be used by the superior platform for rent and receive jobs. The coins HONOR has a utility function in our platform
HNR will be sold in the relationship period remain with ETH bonus. The goal is to raise the equivalent of $15 million by selling 100 million ET token HONORARIUM, which will determine the exchange rate and will be determined before the execution of the contract.
HONOR appeared outside the transactional kriptanalisis, but also a symbolic utility that strengthens the overall platform JUBS. These include: the market is decentralized to the supply and demand of jobs, services and tasks. Convert a bank credit, installment payment fiduciary and money became a recurring or recurring service Cryptography. An informal history of the immortality the work and professional identification is not changed. Provide care, fine and professional reputation are transparent. Reliable resolution and contrary in online and offline services. File communication and collective liability insurance did not change.

Early sales of the chip: 15 January 2018
End of Sale: March 19th Tokens 2018
Hardcap: $15 million
The number of chips: 100 million HONR
Price: 1 token HONR = $0.15

Website: https://honor.appjubs.com
Whitepaper: https://s3-sa-east-1.amazonaws.com/appjubs/HONOR+-+WHITEPAPER+1.2+-+EN-US.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2620238.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/appjubs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/appjubs
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GDGcbQ_WUS543DwkIWQy4A
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