Horizon Communications will be a high speed Internet Service Provider

Horizon – We all love to sit at the computer and enjoy surfing the Internet), but agree-terribly annoying when the internet brakes and everything starts terribly blunt. The people of Bermuda are very much affected by the slow internet! All because the internet is unreliable and critically lacking speed, as the islands are summed up outdated copper wires, which are heavily worn out due to severe hurricanes and corrosion of sea salt
And all because there is no single supplier who could satisfy the demand of the population, offer high-quality and fast internet, high-definition television and telephone services!
But for the residents of Bermuda, there is good news, the new Internet service provider (ISP) Horizon Communications-This high-speed Internet provider will be based in Bermuda and serve the entire Caribbean. They will use LTE wireless communications to deliver communications to users. Their service will include internet speed up to 150 Mbps in 2018 and 300 Mbps and even faster at the end of 2018 in early 2019.
In addition to high-speed Internet, they will provide the highest-definition television service.
Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone services. This wireless network infrastructure will be transmitted through custom-made software using 4g LTE-Advanced standards.
After attracting and successful capital growth, Horizon plans to launch a business in Bermuda in mid-2018. Using this technology, they will expand in the Caribbean and other Central American countries.
Horizon is expected to cover more than 95% of Bermuda’s homes and businesses with a small number of towers. The sea cover will cover about 15 miles from the shore. They want to build the most reliable network.
Horizon is set to enter the Bermuda market within 5 months of the infusion of capital. At the same time, Horizon plans to cover at least 15% of Bermuda’s market for 4-5 years.
Horizon’s five-year financial forecasts in Bermuda will generate total revenues of approximately 44 million. Usd. Compared to the cost of about 26 million dollars. Usd. The United States. Thus, the total profit is 18 mln. Usd. United States
Horizon will use blockchain technology in several ways. They created their own marker based on Ethereum, which is called Horizon and is denoted by the HRZN symbol. Token holders are entitled to discounts on services. They are also going to share a portion of the profits with the holders of the tokens and execute the Redemption token program with a partial profit. The target amount for dividend distribution is 15% and about 5% is for the redemption program.
Customers will be able to make payments for services using the HRZN token. Employees can also pay tokens. It is planned that the token will be available for trading on different exchanges. Blockchain will also be used by Horizon to provide a data warehouse with integrated Blockchain technology. Client portals will have access to encrypted decentralized storage. Horizon also plans to offer VPN or virtual private network services using also blockchain solutions.
There is a great opportunity to improve wireless network offers in the Caribbean region and especially in Bermuda. Current offers in these regions can be very slow and unreliable. Most of the competitors can offer only speeds of 10 Mbps. The fast and reliable Internet has become important for many people and businesses. Tourism and cruise ships provide additional opportunities for wireless internet providers. In 2016, more than six hundred thousand tourists visited Bermuda. Horizon plans to offer services for tourists and cruise ship ports. The Horizon team is headed by the founder Gilbert Darrell, who has extensive experience in the telecom industry.
Meet their team
They are the best professionals in this field
Expert and developer of Blockchain technology, including Ethereum. Helped develop the Horizon technical document and the ICO structure.

Website: https://www.horizoncomm.co
WhitePaper: https://www.horizoncomm.co/feast-content/uploads/Horizon-Whitepaper.pdf
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HorizonCommICO
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