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HoryouSolving social problems are essential in our communities when individuals join a common cause – they can break through all barriers and reach their goals. Personally, I love innovative projects, especially innovations for a noble purpose – if you have followed me, you will understand that I have a passion for blockchain projects that solve problems in our communities and that is why I am happy to Write a review on Horyou – a social platform that connects individuals in a decentralised ecosystem with a common goal of progress in positive initiatives that can change the world. In today’s social networks, space is highly specialized and commercial, reducing the efficiency of innovative ideas shared in ecosystems. The introduction of blockchain technology intends to decentralize this space and create a valuable, efficient and reliable ecosystem for social ideas.

In today’s world, individuals are more than ever connected by the introduction of the Internet, this technology has brought people together making communication simpler and information can be shared quickly. This is good! But technology advances have brought about problems with large institutions that commercialize social networks for their own personal profits, due to monopolization and centralization of business models. This solution to this technological problem. I decentralize the environments that help the centralization to soap and let innovative projects focus on their quest, without money-earning individuals who spoil the environment for their own social goals.

Horyou – A social network to connect for good
Introduces Horyou, founded in 2013 and managed to crowdsale more than 250,000 community members, more than 1500 organizations supporting the case and all these individuals are spread across more than 180 countries. Horyou enters the blockchain space to tap into the decentralization characteristic of space to accomplish its mission: empowering individuals to initiate positive initiatives to make the world a better place.

With this goal in mind, the organization will use blockchain technology to decentralize nature in order to connect a larger community that has historically been difficult to reach in the direction of a global constructive connection that Supports and actively encourages, disseminates and promotes innovative ideas. Social good.

The company has achieved a lot and has managed to hold events such as SIGEF, cultural arts at the Cannes Film Festival (France) among others. Horyou intends to use the power of blockchain technology to create an ecosystem in which the Community shares ideas and is rewarded with Horyou tokens as an incentive for their contribution to changing the mission of the Organization.

The Horyou tokens are sincerely a token of social good, in that it promotes the development of collaborative initiatives on the platform by rewarding the community for their efforts. Horyou is planning blockchain technology blockchain, in particular, to use the Ethereum ecosystem to automate its own tokens that can automatically be played processing transactions through its smart contract functions, Distributed ledger technology to ensure transparency to create an ecosystem that is reliable and secure.

Horyou is a community social platform for us, made for us, to help us! This is the true purpose of blockchain application for transforming our lives. The platform collects people from all over the world to exchange ideas and take action to achieve them.

The business model to connect people to a common goal in a decentralized environment is a good idea, and the acceptance of the platform must be realized to achieve this noble mission – the ability of the Horyou sign to Community promotion will play a role in helping the adoption of the platform.

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