Hubrisone – Manage Your Existing Bank Accounts, Create Multi-Currency Accounts

Hubrisone Let’s imagine for a moment what are the problems associated with sending money to your relatives or friends who are far from you in another country. What if all your funds are cryptocurrency? This essentially complicates the process as you will need to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money and then perform the transfer using the bank. Definitely for the implementation of this translation will need a lot of nerves and precious time, but as we know the time-it’s money and it is worth appreciating.

To solve many problems related to this kind of translation there are innovative modern products that make the whole process much simpler and cheaper at times.
Meet Hubrisone! This project opens up new opportunities in money transfers, using cryptocurrency and the latest technology blockchain. Hubrisone will definitely make you shake the entire banking world and create a Fiat bank account by connecting to your existing bank account.
In addition, Hubrisone is able to create multi-currency crypto wallet in a very simple and accessible way. Looks very promising, isn’t it?

Hubrisone developers aim to increase users around the world who will use cryptocurrency. Hubrisone This is a very topical problem, because to date too few people know what it is and what benefits cryptocurrency can give them. To facilitate the involvement of the bulk of people Hubrisone proposes to combine the usual options of banking services with completely new modern, such as blockchain.

It is important to note that when sending cryptocurrency to relatives to a bank account in another country, funds will be automatically converted into the national currency of this country!
It’s a perfect option, isn’t it? It will not be necessary to think how to cash cryptocurrency when there will be an automatic way of converting cryptocurrency into fiat.

Do you think these are all advantages? It’s not that! Also for account holders in Hubrisone is a possible option to switch from one type of bank account to another, for example, you can from the Fiat account Hubrisone will switch to cryptocurrency purse.
Hubrisone Strategic Partners

Hbrs token
The main token in the Hubrisone ecosystem is the ERC-20 standard token based on the Ethereum-Hbrs blockchain.
 As payment for various goods in retail stores and online stores.
 As a bonus for connection to the system Hubrisone-everyone will be rewarded in tokens in the equivalent of the amount of $100. This looks like a great motivation to connect to the platform.
 A referral bonus system for each guest $10
 Ability to purchase and conclude partnerships with third-party companies on the Hubrisone platform
 Carrying out transatlantic transfers anywhere in the world.
 Cashback in 5% when using the service. Also, the more accounts you have open, the more tokens you will receive.
 Great discounts when using a token-50% on transfers!
ICO token allocation procedure
It is important to note that the entire fund-raising procedure will be carried out in two phases. The first of which will be carried out by means of crowdfunding platform, and the second stage will be carried out habitual all way-ICO.

Token: Hbrs
Standard: ERC-20
First sales Phase: November-December (stay tuned in the official channels of the project)
Total Volume: 1 billion Hbrs
Allocated for sales: 60% of the total number of tokens.
Softcap 1 stage: £200.000
Hardcap 1 stage: £500.000
Deposit: Credit or debit cards
Minimum Deposit: £10
KYC: Yes + no restrictions on the countries participants.

Hubrisone It really is something new and unusual in the money transfer market. This project provides great opportunities for people who need constant transfers to their relatives and friends in other countries. The idea is very promising and interesting. This project will make us all change our attitude to expensive bank transfers and turn our attention to innovative solutions based on the technology blockchain.

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