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Hubrisone  The popularity of mobile phone usage is increasing every year and when creating mobile applications many developers try to stand out among competitors easier, safer and easily accessible device for all users. To date, many people do not have access to a bank account, thereby significantly limiting their financial capacity. According to experts, the number of smartphone users is expected to increase every year constantly, so now you need to find a decent way to address the needs of a large number of people around the world!
Hubrisone is an innovative mobile application for any user, which completely modernizes the relationship between the cryptocurrency industry and banking business. It is no secret that today there is practically no mutual understanding between ordinary users of different banks and users of cryptocurrency assets. This can not please, because the market is developing at a great pace and in order to be in the flow need to meet the needs of today’s world.
Hubrisone developers are confident that cryptocurrency and Fiat coins will work in the future as a single currency integrated with each other. They also believe that an adjustable, reliable and licensed platform is needed to help new investors enter the market for cryptocurrency assets. But on the other hand, both cryptocurrencies do not trust each other, which leads to some problems.
Hubrisone allows users to consolidate their new and existing portfolios under one roof while retaining their fund management companies.
Everyone will be able to withdraw or add funds directly from your Hubrisone  account in a matter of seconds.
The application is built on very strong security infrastructure. Definitely, such applications should be very reliable and safe. Some of these security features include: Tracking an account against machine learning fraud, two-factor authorization, encrypted encryption, and private keys. This is all created to protect users.
Using the application, you can manage your cryptocurrency assets in currencies such as BTC, ETH or XRP. Fiat currencies are also supported: USD, GBP or EUR. The user is rewarded in Hbrs tokens each time he performs conversion operations.
The application allows you to send instant cross-border payments within a few seconds for just a fraction of their normal cost. You can send cryptocurrency or fiat payments to any bank account worldwide.
The Hubrisone ecosystem is based on the Hbrs token, which allows you to receive rewards, cashback, and more.
In the application, you can connect your cryptocurrency accounts and view balances, portfolio and track all activity in one safe and convenient place.
Through the built-in module of crediting on the basis of cryptocurrency, it is possible to get access to liquidity. You are given a discount on interest rates when using Hubrisone tokens.
Hubrisone  Travel, accommodation, insurance, finance, e-commerce, and many other services are available to users of the application.
In just a few clicks you can connect your bank account to the application and use it to buy or sell cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds.
Security is a top priority for every application that can control user tools. This will ensure the sustainability of the reputation gained from time to time while continuing to protect user funds.
Team Hubrisone has a wealth of experience in the financial sector, banking, various payments, in blockchain technology, in marketing services, etc.

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