Humancoin – Revolutionary Platform Bringing About the Synergy of Philanthropy Industry

Humancoin – The Humancoin platform is one of the few projects based on blockchain technology, which brings together the crypto market with charity. Participants of the platform can transfer funds to those in need of financial assistance with the guarantee of their use for their intended purpose. Smart contracts allow for full transparency of all financial transactions while maintaining the required security level. Using this platform will allow participants to control the target use of their own donations and to gain access to the necessary information, allowing to check applicants for financial assistance. In addition, token holders will also have additional benefits.
The launch of the Humancoin platform will significantly reduce the overhead costs of performing financial transactions and use more cash for direct purposes. A transfer of money directly to the participants without the use of intermediaries will allow you to quickly collect the necessary amount and exclude fraudulent actions by third parties. 

Features Humancoin
The current state of the sphere of charity leaves much to be desired. The process of collecting funds for people in need is hampered by the lack of a transparent mechanism to verify their use. The most pressing problems are as follows:
 Lack of trust on the part of people who donate money. Philanthropists have doubts that the money they have listed in full will reach the addressee. Research shows that up to 90% of funds are deposited in the hands of “charitable funds” as payment for their services. Therefore, a new way of organizing this work is required, which will eliminate the impure mediators. 
 The difficulty of transferring and receiving money. This problem is especially relevant in case if the needy money and the philanthropist are in different countries. International transfers of funds are hampered by the peculiarities of local legislation and large commissions by centralized financial institutions. The launch of the Humancoin platform will help to get rid of these shortcomings. 
 The difficulty of understanding the problems of people who need charitable contributions. Often, because of the inability to spread the necessary information, potential benefactors do not have a clear idea of who and what money is needed for and how they will be spent. Because of this, many people delay or refuse charitable payments. The Humancoin project will provide tools for the dissemination of data on those in need, helping to make a quicker decision on the possibility of transferring the charitable contribution. 
The Humancoin Project offers a revolutionary approach to solving existing problems with the help of blockchain technology. The unification of the Kriptovaljutnogo market, financial sphere and charity will allow using crypto for charitable payments, which are sent directly and with minimal Commission to the needy irrespective of their location. In Future authors of Humancoin want to create an international charitable network, the participants of which will be able to provide support for the site. Users will be able to select the project to which they want to invest. 

Tokens and features of the ICO project Humancoin
To commit and receive charitable payments within the framework of the platform, a HUMA token is launched. A limited number of tokens will be sold as part of the initial placement, and their further emission will also be limited. Unallocated units in the ICO process will be destroyed. Within the ICO, the authors plan to raise funds for the final development and commissioning of the charitable platform. Total emit 6 billion tokens of HUMA, of which are sold 3.055 bn. The initial value of the token is 1 cent per token. The minimum investment is equivalent to 0.1 ETH. The authors plan to reach Softkap in the amount of $6 million, Hardcap – 26 million dollars. Internal project tokens can be changed to other values, including points and coupons in various trade organizations, bonuses or miles in airlines and so on. All this will ensure the growth of the token rate on the international currency market and its popularity among investors.

The authors of Humancoin set a really noble goal to organize the work of a fully transparent and secure platform that will effectively collect money for people in need. 

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