Humancoin – Set to Herald a New Era For Charity

Today, the philanthropy industry faces a number of challenges:

-Distrust – people and companies willing to donate money abandon their intentions because of doubts that their donations will reach the addressee in full and in the necessary terms;
-The complexity of cross-border payments in the implementation of donations to the foreign project;
-Lack of benefits to charity.

To solve these problems Humancoin offers to integrate on the basis of blockchain three actively developing industries-charity, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency. Advantages provided by blockchain technology and related P2P Internet platform:-Elimination of intermediaries (banks, NGOs, bodies, law firms);

-A solution of the problem of trust due to the digital mechanism of recording and viewing of any transaction (the record cannot be hacked or changed) that provides transparency, traceability, and security;
-A solution of the problem of target use of funds – thanks to automated smart contracts, grant recipients will be able to use the funds after fulfilling mandatory conditions.

All these blockchain-benefits will contribute to the growth of the philanthropy market and move it to a new level.
Benefits from the synergies of the three markets

The total value of the three fast-growing markets — charity, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency is already today at over 3.5 trillion dollars.
The symbiosis of these markets will help to increase the number of participants in charitable projects.

Thanks to blockchain-decision all information about the receipt and movement of the donated funds will be available to any person wishing to make a donation or a company that encourages such actions with certain benefits. The combination of consumer loyalty programs in the charity industry will create the strongest emotional affection of customers to the brand. The future of e-commerce is full customization of the offer, and blockchain is one of the drivers of further development.

Among the partners of the project, there will be large online shops, service companies, gaming and entertainment industries, airlines, crypto open, international corporations, whether they work with cryptocurrencies or not.

The benefits of the Humancoin, Humancoin Projectare a revolutionary project in many ways, which has a number of unique benefits that breathe a new life in the charitable industry:  Humancoin does not require donors to use the HUMA token to Donations. All donations can be made in any convenient currency, be it fiat or crypto, with the possibility of built-in currency conversion on the Humancoin platform.
 HUMA tokens can easily be converted into points, miles, bonuses, and coupons, providing a variety of discounts and attractive benefits-something that has long been lacking in the charitable industry.
 The commission of Humancoin with charitable fees will be only 5%, while the commission of existing charitable funds reaches in practice 20-30%. The subsequent expansion of the project will be financed from these funds.
 Instead of competing with existing programs, the Humancoin platform actually creates partnerships with them. In priority integration and compatibility with successful self-proven and the most popular solutions on the market.
Humancoin offers two options for making donations: donors can directly select projects (search for relevant projects with special filters) or through Humanpool (a list of projects selected automatically from those that have Highest community ratings). In the future, the platform will also have an instant messenger to allow its users to communicate with each other. This direct communication will further guarantee the transparency of the system, will make it reliable.
Functional P2P Platform Humancoin

 The platform will distribute projects by categories and subcategories (health, natural disasters, religion, nature conservation, etc.).
 Contain various ranking and online voting mechanisms, information on the results of the legal and financial audit of the projects (forensic).
 The platform will be integrated with a purse with a currency conversion function.
 A possibility of translating into different languages.
 The platform will also contain mobile applications, built-in Messenger, cost tracking and online reporting, a convenient dashboard with individual settings for users.

ICO details
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: Erc20
Token name: Humancoin (HUMA)
Total tokens issue: 6 000 000 000
For sale: 3.055 billion ERC20 humancoin
Pre-ICO Start: July 1, 2018
Pre-ICO Finish: August 15, 2018
ICO launch: September 15, 2018
End of ICO: November 1, 2018
Soft cap: $6 000 000
Hard cap: $26 000 000
Token Price: $0.01
Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH

Token allocation
For sale: 3 055 million – 50.9%
Partnership Development fund: 1 000 million – 16.7%
Team reward: 600 million – 10%
50% blocked by the smart contract for 6 months.
50% blocked for 12 months
Remuneration of advisors and ambassadors: 600 million – 10%
Costs for consultants, contractors, and exchanges: 500 million – 8.3%
The cost of the bounty, AirDrop and referral program: 245 million-4.1%
The funds involved in the sale of tokens will be directed to them. Development of the project in 2019

There will be an additional issue of tokens (mining), 100% binding to the actual amount of charitable donations (Proof of Charity)

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