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IAM Hero is a career search platforms, platform and look for work. Connecting people and the company. We do not match the job with other people, we work with the personality to match. “Together we are all Heroes”. Together, we can do this by changing the society became a task group of efficient, effective, and regular where everybody was in the perfect place where they do what they like.

IAM Hero who is a step best presented in a concept and structure and implement and apply it in a special solution in search of a solution, looking for and finding a variety of ways with the best quality, with method and system decentralization is good with good security system by maintaining the privacy of the client or the worker, with a level of service and the service is great, and will provide a range of excellent opportunities for workers to give her quality to the customer with great competence and skill.

So the employees and employer match, there are no legal or regulatory platform that prevents external communication platforms such as traditional job hunting site. Because of platforms aims to decentralize itself, many of these common control problems be minimized or eradicated. However, the IAHC keep recommending keep in touch on the platform to ensure accountability and the prevention of offenders, but the fact that they do not act spiritually is a good sign to me as someone who advocated decentralized technology.
Benefits for employers too much-this platform will allow the auction type system where certain tasks and jobs can be pegged by project members, and the supervisor can decide who wants to allocate project based on price and bidded give a score to members.

The most important question that will be owned by most investors was what purpose that played out on stage. Actually, the token IAHC is at the core of all activity on stage. You know, to hire an employee or issue the project that must be obeyed, IAHC token is required. All contracts on the platform is stored in the Smart Contract has not changed. Evidence is stored in this smart Contract and moved to the platform of the IAHC as payment for hiring someone. This is where the basic platform of decentralization should shine.

IAMHEROis ready to become the leading platform for HR and career search In a future not too far away. Our mission is focused on helping people find the job they aspire to while still in the stage of their education either at a College, University, trade school or other training.
Furthermore, in our opinion, the contract between the service and hiring employers and employees should be regulated and defined through the big book blockchain supported using smart contracts. This work is similar to transaction value transaction contracts where both parties agree on a detailed smart contracts while blockchain handles the execution of a fair and impartial.
The results of the work order is analyzed through blockchain, which in turn reflect this and release payment through smart contract. A set of rules in
blockchain automatically converts/execute transactions contracts through this system while still keeping a neutral value.

How is the Team I am Hero
The team I am Hero very ably in his field made up of highly qualified professionals who are involved in the work of those who continue to improve the functionality of the system, adding new features and new innovative ideas suggested to improve the functionality. They are very experienced in creating online solutions and conceptualized and customized products with consumers. This allows me to be a hero to reach the level of usability and quality that has never happened before that on waking.

The team also has a number of collective experience relative to the integration of modern technology such as; AI technologies, blocker and their platforms, data security along with relevant software such as ruby on rails, Tensorflow, and other large amounts.

The Primacy Of Existence I Am Hero:
1. Provide opportunities for job seekers to find a job that suits your skills
2. provide the best solution for the customer in finding the appropriate workers with the skills
3. The ease of convenience for workers with the appropriate payment with his work
4. system integration methods with high security, to keep workers in the works
5. Build the interaction on a great community.

Details Of Activities Crowdsale IAM Hero:
Whitelist was held on February 20, 2018
Discount 40%
Presale activities was held on March 21, 2018
28% discount
ICO activities will be held on 22 April 2018
ICO activities will end on May 22, 2018
10% discount

A total of 2 billion Supply IAHC
The price of the Pertoken is 0.0000142 ETH/IAHC
Softcap is 100 ETH
Hardcap 7142 ETH

Website: https://iamhero.io
Whitepaper: https://iamhero.io/ico/landing/whitepaper
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2864434.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamhero.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamheroio
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GILZQhCqAenDW1v7iVpqVA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamhero.io

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