IAGON Comparative Examination of Decentralized Processing and Storage Crypto-Platforms

IAGON The cloud changes the world in one way or another. Cloud services market size is the same, the demand for storage capacity that is sophisticated and computerized processing capabilities also increases. Currently, the share of this market at domination by the four players stand out i.e. Google Cloud, AWS, IBM, and Microsoft. Cloud service providers use storing and processing media centrally, and that’s how they will become less reliable. These service providers have won the competition because they have a large client base. They managed to draw more clients simply because they’ve been substantially invested in data centers, servers, and storage facilities.
IAGON is a platform for harnessing the storage capacity and the processing of multiple computers through a network of the decentralized blockchain. IAGON Harness allows for storing large data files and the repository, as well as a smaller scale from a file, and perform a complex computerized process, as necessary for the operation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, in a fully encrypted and secure platform that integrates blockchain, cryptography and AI technology in a way that is friendly to users.
IAGON Analysis
The driving idea is revolutionary enough IAGON, therefore IAGON put AI in the Centre blockchain. This platform combines all the processing and storage capacity unused from personal computers and servers. In this way, the ecosystem will create one large supercomputer and large data centers data center, with a super-strong and fast. Now, let’s focus on how the platform works.
How IAGON work?
This platform is driven by AI. In fact, it connects the service and users through a single application
a large, powerful and decentralized or DAPP. The application also programmed and fairly easy to use in every smart device available. This platform is very intuitive so it is easy to use by users who are not computer though.
 The core developers that work on this platform has made it to be a cloud ecosystem safety.
 Through a very innovative framework, IAGON created a one-stop platform to deliver a cloud-based solution for decentralization.
 by using high-end machine algorithms and neural networks with AI, network based on blockchain this will certainly rewrite the future of cloud technology.
 In addition, ecosystems will allow integration of DApps to expand his function.
 the best part is that since it will be based on blockchain technology, this platform will be 100% reliable when accessed by clever devices.
 the team has successfully solved the issue of accessibility is good enough. The basis of the system, mining is one of the most important ways to create revenue with IAGON.
 by providing the network with the capabilities of available storage and power systems or servers they process, users will generate revenue for themselves.
 A system utilizing smart contracts that would allow people to build their personal forms are easy to use.
 the best part is that the creation of such forms would never require an understanding of programming.
 decentralized Network underlying this system is completely secure, exclusive, and unique.
 with the help of blockchain, the network will provide a distributed storage service is encrypted using advanced sharding.
 blockchain-producing Ecosystems this is a hybrid technology and using the Tangle.
 as a result, the ecosystem will definitely change the way data is stored and how the processing is done in the future.
This platform offers a secure storage medium with a centralized network. Plus more, because the ecosystem has its own network for miners, the data processing will be fast and well distributed.
With the miners, analyze large chunks of data to gather new insights will not be challenged. Plus, in terms of security, this platform using IAGON contract smart to separate the attacking node of honesty in the system.
So, it can be concluded that this platform is powerful enough to store and process large data at a rate that won’t break the storage.

Revolution in data mining
1.Crypto project takes a radical approach to data mining using blockchain really personal with common protocols that are located on the network. In addition, the miners do not need to store data for the mining operations. Instead, only the task will process the data miners be honest and send the output to the process of a machine-learning project for further analysis.
2.Data mining in this network will not require miners to follow complex algorithms for solving equations of mind-folds. Instead, the ecosystem of cloud-computing-and-storage uses high-end computing network decentralization to redistribute the load and speed up data processing tasks. All assignments will be sent to block the miners using a popular method of proof of variance. Finally, the miners will be necessary to calculate the signature data with data input and take it to the appropriate data objects in the block to return the output.
3.Plus, in order to secure the data stored, the miners would not be allowed to save one of the fragments of data they are processing. In the end, the miners will receive rewards on the basis of different data points, he/she should be mine-if no data is present in the blocks, the miners will not get any reward. So, all in all, data mining on the network is simple, transparent and fast.
This platform has a crypto token itself, and they will be used on various exchanges and IAGON. This token is owned by their offers storage and processing capability; Plus, they even used by those who are buying the processing capabilities. Lastly, the token will be used by miners IAGON sign too.
Token Information
The Name Token: IAG
Token Protocol: Ethereum (ETH) ERC-20
Token Supply
1 billion IAG
Token Distribution
50% ICO
20% of Pre-ICO
10% Internal & Advisors Team
10% Team Development
10% of miners
Exchange Rates/Token Token
1 IAG = $0.07 to 100 million of the first token
1 IAG = $0.10 to 100 million in the next token
1 IAG = $0.12

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