IAGON Imagine a World with a Global Computational Grid, More Powerful than a Supercomputer

IAGON is a platform for harnessing the storage capacity and processing power of multiple computers through a decentralized Blockchain grid. IAGON harness allows for storing large data files and the repository, such as a scale as well as a smaller file, and to perform complex computational process, as required for the operation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, in the platform is fully secure and encrypted that integrates technology blockchain, cryptographic, and AI in a way that is easy to use which has architecture

And of course, any company that has a vision for her, and whether the vision of IAGON? the vision of IAGON is to create a Global Supercomputer, powered by Artificial Intelligence & blockchain technology, this was achieved with the integration of smart devices, thus creating a borderless experience effectively and efficiently serve the needs of its users

Computational Process IAGON based AI, every aspect of the performance, suppliers and their clients, they find new ways to implement AI and machine learning methods to acquire new managerial insights from data continuously. Nevertheless, AI and machine learning tools for analyzing large amounts of data require a large volume of the computing power that often lacks organization, thus requiring them to subscribe to commercial cloud services and uploading files to a server of their sensitive data to other companies. Due to the confidential nature of the data and commercial value, many companies are avoiding doing so, so as not to benefit from the potential value of analyzing their database with advanced AI method. Blockchain technology provides a unique solution and fully secure to process, store, and distribute data and maintain the consistency and integrity of those that can be used for cases which are used as processing decentralized. IAGON built not only to serve a network of decentralized but also works with current data storage facilities such as SQL databases and NoSQL. The approach done by IAGON is unique in utilizing IAGON points is a machine learning algorithm to distribute the burden of decentralized across the network for processing and then encrypt/decrypt the data that flows through his system.

Supporters blockchain multiplier IAGON, IAGON aims to provide its users the full flexibility and his miners and freedom of choice in providing and consuming cloud services decentralized IAGON will give some solution Blockchain. cloud storage and running the operations processing both in Blockchain and in the Ethereum Tangle. Users can select miners and the Ethereum or Tangle to store their files securely, to process computing tasks, to pay and receive token IAGON for cloud services, and especially to benefit from the huge profits in getting access to leading technology and advanced technology on the market

Technology security IAGON Lake, Lake Data Architecture is based on Central database NoSQL implementations (such as HBase, MongoDB or Cassandra) in which any file can be saved and loaded from. Companies can virtually define the storage Center for their information and data files that do not depend on the content or file type, and provides a user-friendly and resource accessible to all files that are managed well in SMEs, medium or large corporate companies.

IAGON powered by artificial intelligence to connect users to the decentralized services and applications. Easy to use features and functionality that are synchronized across all smart devices. Either a single user or a large corporation. We have given you protection.

And how do I work IAGON? IAGON decentralized and Secure Cloud Platform, develop a one-stop solution for cloud-based services are decentralized.

Artificial intelligence: using a combination of machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and technology blockchain to secure platform.
DApps: application Integrated decentralization we trusted and are integrated on one platform for every type of user.
Mining: Earn income by sharing your computer’s resources include the processing power and storage
Smart contracts: the contract can make a comeback of his own in an easy to use user interface without writing any code line.
Secure storage: Decentralized distributed storage solution is unique, exclusive, secure, encrypted and we do use blockchain Protocol and sharding

Blockchain/tangle: Utilizing hybrid technology Blockchain and Tangle, we aim to revolutionize the storage and processing of decentralization.

And AI is studying IAGON from time to time. To achieve this, IAGON learning through a method known as reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning is the science of decision making to deal with the dynamic environment. This means an active learning experience IAGON to optimize the process of taking the decision to determine its actions. It creates an unparalleled paradigm about how his handling IAGON enter. Use a method known as a Markov Decision Process is based on the theory of probability, IAGON trying determine the shape recognition system optimized which increases his actions to maximize the reward system over time. Learning reinforcement is the intersection of the various paradigms in science

Now that’s an idea and simple explanation about IAGON, though simple, but his explanation iagon is great platform using blockchain, to read a description of the platform and his greatness, iagon you guys could visit sites iagon.

The following is about the token and token sales IAGON: symbol (IAG)
Tokens in circulation (1 billion)
Usage (in platform & Exchange).

IAGON pre-sale begins on 2 April, 12 noon.
Pre-sale offers 20% token with value:
0.07 USD per token IAG to 100 million first token;
USD 0.10 per token to 100 million the next token.

Purchases can be made at the ETH. Pre-order sales will be made only through Dragon chain, and only the holder of the Dragon token can participate in it, please visit Dragon chain websiteformoreinformation-dragonchain.com. Crowdsale IAGON (Token Sale) starting May 10. Sale Token lasts for 30-60
crowdsale offers 50% of IAGONtokens to the public (offers a total of 500,000,
000tokens) in accordance with the following

0.12 USD per all token 500 million
The total number of token IAG to two phases: 700 million tokens.
30% another token (a maximum of 300 million tokens) will be dedicated to 10% for team IAGON; 10% for advisors and bounty hunter; 10% for development.

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