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IAToken – Real estate has always been an attractive investment but has never been accessible to everyone. If you only have 100 dollars, instead of investing in real estate, you can save it only in the bank. Historical property and real estate investments have historically been reserved for the wealthy. But this new child on the block will break the traditional channels and make the property more accessible. Type IA tokens (IAT).
But why Blockchain?
Despite the fact that in the high-tech era, real estate buyers still face many challenges and limitations:

Transaction costs.
These inflated costs of third parties, such as developers, taxes, brokers, and agents, should be reduced so that the buyer can maximize profits. The total cost of buying and selling real estate in the Philippines sometimes blown to 24% of the property value. Blockchain can reduce this total cost by at least half by excluding some intermediaries.
Integrity and Security
At the moment, records of real estate transactions are kept and controlled by the central authority. We rely on mutual trust to ensure that our records are in safe hands. But with a lot of data leakage occurring all over the world, this trust is undermined. In the context of data security, it is important that the data stored in the blockchain is not changed because it provides protection against malicious attacks such as hacking.
Transparency of the transfer.
Many data on past real estate transactions (history, availability, prices, market trends) are limited to the parties involved. For new buyers, we must trust what our broker says. By storing this information in a blockchain, it becomes available for each audit. The possibility of fraud and property disputes can be practically eliminated with a high degree of transparency.
Save time and cost
. The current process of transfer of ownership is slow because it involves several parties and checks the documentation presented at different stages. Blockchain can optimize the flow of information for all parties involved in a transaction, making it available in seconds. In addition, new platforms that focus on other features, such as payments and listings, provide a single service that is fast and cheap compared to traditional channels.
Restrictions for foreign investors
Many countries have provisions that impose restrictions on foreign procurement. Either you can not buy any property in the country, or you need to fulfill some criteria before you are allowed to buy. However, a platform with a blockchain can be available to buyers and sellers from all over the world and will not have geographical limitations.
By placing real estate on the blockchain, we will get a long-term, more efficient, highly liquid market. And in Instant assets token, the system of protocols, smart contracts, APIs, and tools allow you to create a market where each real estate has its own token (NIAT), which can be purchased using IAT.
And why the two-marker approach?
This model ensures that buyers and sellers are not exposed to the volatility of the Kriptovaljutnogo market, which in turn maximizes the benefits and minimizes the losses that people may incur.
IAT will be distributed during the initial offer of coins or ICO in the Ethereum Network and will be compatible with ERC-20. The total volume of the offer is 4 500 000 000, and each token is valued at 1 IAT = 0.01 US dollar, which is collectively used to raise funds for the company to create an IAT blockchain and acquire assets to form an initial mass of properties in IAT ecosystem. Asset management will be carried out by their existing management company, which is currently operating
Niat will be the local equivalent of the IAT equivalent, which will be on each individual real estate market and tied to the national currency of the country. In this way, each country will have its own niat. It will not be minted by itself and can only be purchased using IA tokens.

How much liquid is IAT or niat?
The company’s main vision is to create a highly liquid real estate ecosystem where token holders can freely trade and interact with other token holders, including investors who want to purchase IAT for their Portfolio.
In addition to actively acquiring a listing with various exchanges to facilitate trade and liquidity of tokens, the company also creates various channels of token utility to reduce the supply of tokens and acquire quality properties for digitization in IAT ecosystem.
For Niat, they will reserve 20% of the funds collected to create a liquidity pool that buys niat using the IA tokens. In addition, the usefulness of Niat will be awesome! You can use Niat for the following benefits:
Receive commission from agents and brokers
Payment of commission brokers and agents
List of assets for rent and sale
Getting the proceeds from the sale for rent
Payment for asset Management services
Payment of tax consulting and other services
Acquisition of assets
Payment for Furniture
Payment of legal Services
Ok! So, what’s the plan now?
IA tokens currently has projects with a short list in which at least 100 asset owners are interested in selling their property with a total value of $10 million. This excludes commercial objects that the company also wants to purchase

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