ICO Pass Tools For The Gathering, Verification and Exchange (KYC) Information.

ICO PASS – Most of the deals early coins in these last few months ago, got the pressure to complete the KYC process and improve their investors with a different reason after the sale of the Token. This issue is also one of the reasons why some ICO break down or delaying promised to their Token Distribution and the pathetic behavior for get invisor issues KYC pending.
ICO project Pass is the best solution to all the problems of KYC ICO soon. The easiest way to check KYC.

ICO exploded in popularity, past the classic Venture Capital funds. However, without examination of the KYC (Know Your Customer), ICO has trouble in Exchange for fiat currency kriptocurrency — EUR, USD etc. “In some cases, up to 50% of the funds are frozen because there is no or little KYC.” Says Dmitrijs Kacanovs, Chairman at LMENA. ICO Pass costs 33x times smaller than traditional solutions per ICO and save 89k EUR in ICO’s Pass.
Team ICO Pass consists of professionals, who previously developed the architecture of Latvia and ID solutions e-Signature. During the last two years the team has been working together with banks such as UBS and Credit Suisse to build a single digital ID, before submitting a solution to ICO.
ICO Pass is a mobile-based solutions to verify identity and very accurately with minimal ease. The person identified, choose from the list of organizers verified that ICO can access their personal data. At the time of the break all encrypted data, reduce the cost because the automatisation and they can reuse the identities for some of the ICO.
ICO PASSsell token 20 m that will guarantee 7% of earnings each year. The price for a token will be determined in an auction price Netherlands “spent all”.

Token Name: ICOP
Token: ERC20
Total Supply: 60 million ICOP
List of Token white Sale: February 21, 2018
Sale token End: February 28, 2018
Currencies accepted: Ethereal
ICO Pass will only be sold to ICO and Cryptocurrency Exchanges. There will be other products in the future, and the holder of the Pass will receive a token ICO five tokens for this product for free. This token will guarantee revenue sharing of the product, in the same way as ICO Pass.

ICO will Pass back to the transparent ICO organizers percentage beliefs that we guarantee results. For more precise results, organizer of the ICO may choose to add additional databases to check. To achieve this, we will cooperate with several service providers and perform an offline database integration with your own.

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