ICOVO – The World’s First and Only ICO Platform That can Actualize Healthy ICOs

ICOVO – a Good time of day! Present you with an overview of the platform ICOVO. Consider the project in phases. First, what is and what is the idea of the ICO. The system is a unique product, which is a smart contract DAICOVO, based on the concept of DAICO. It’s no secret that fraudulent ICO, erode people in projects at injection of investment and personal development can benefit the community. The platform offers a solution to this problem, by using decentralized DAICO method. Adjusting and creating useful conditions for ICO. ICOVO creates a large-scale standard for next-generation platforms ICO. Its value is, as for the introduction of innovative solutions, associated with blockchain and ICO for investors.

Second, this vision, structure and work correctly, creating ecosystems, auspicious for the future promotion of start-ups. The platform provides the technology DAICOVO, which offers intelligent contracts to improve the work of the ICO. For the creators designed the function on the Web ICOVO, which simplifies and improves their work. The token design, configuration DAICOVO and much more. All of this is free.
Third, this app for IOS/Android smartphones. It uses a purse that is compatible with ERC20 tokens. The key is stored on the mobile device is not online. Platform interface is simple and user-friendly. Includes unique monitoring features, KYC/AML, Photo ID and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to trade their tokens.

Improving the integrity and protecting investors from fraud.
Reducing barriers for participants.
Increase the reliability of the investment project.
ICOVO Web is a Web site that protects investors in ICO. Offering them projects that fit the parameters of ICOVO. Increased transparency, a way of rating assessment activity in social networks and updating information GitHub on the website ICOVO. IPFS store option prevents and blocks the introduction of technological documentation. Very convenient for investors because they control the development process of the ICO, at any stage. And on the roadmap, understand their obligations, ICO performs or not. On this basis, they may stop cooperating with the project, and to vote in favor of the return on investment. KYC procedure applies both to investors and to the creators. That will undoubtedly affect transparency and increases security. Safety comes first in the field of crypto. Financial partners, identification will take place only once. ICOVO will share information with the project promoters ICO.
Increasing the durability of the project. Using the Tap (amount can be obtained for a certain unit of time). This will allow developers to not disappear with nested investments.

Platform team
experts in various fields of business and economics. Association of international experts in e-commerce. Innovations and actively participates in conferences. Continues to broaden the base of partners.
Creators, Akihiro Yamasa (CEO) and Masahiko Kumada (CFO), established a project in Switzerland in the January 2018 year. The founders have years of experience in the business. Currently, it is implemented in a large network. Creating a more secure financial future for mankind. As a team, there are masters of computer science, software developers, applications, and purses. The winners of the prizes at the summits, blockchain technology.

ICOVO As you can see, the project already has collected a Soft Cap. That said, about his prospects. P.s I think the project has a promising future. An experienced team and a long-term vision make the platform attractive for investments. But this is only my personal opinion. Conclusions do you.

Web: https://icovo.co
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