IdealCoin – Transferring Assets Such as Tokens From one Holder to Another

Idealcoin – Good day, dear friends! Today we will talk about the direction of the monetization of information. This is a very important direction in our environment. After all, how you should understand the information is quite a valuable thing, and worth the big money. But, today, there are many problems that just simply do not give it to do, or do, but on unfavorable terms, which is also not very good. To help us to come to an interesting solution, which is likely to solve the problem. And so, meet the project, which is called Idealcoin. We’ll talk about him now.

About the project:
Idealcoin – This token coin is an important element for a single platform called Pay HMO. This platform is engaged in just the same processing and monetization of data with the help of this coin. This project is not just a word but has already released an alpha version of his brainchild, which can be downloaded from the App Store, as well as just try and evaluate the idea. According to the roadmap of the project, in November 2018 it is planned to release a full-fledged beta version of the platform, which will be more advanced.

This token is currently being sold to users. Now we will take a closer look at this moment and the information in general:
The token of this project will be called: IDC.
Sales will be held in the next time period:
The sales will begin on July 15, 2018, and the sales are completed on November 30, 2018.
It is planned to release IDC tokens: 2 200 000 000 IDC tokens.
The maximum target for the sales data is the following number of tokens: 112 003 460 IDC tokens.
The minimum target of sales will be: 3 000 000 $.
The maximum goal of sales will be: 40,932,971.35 $.
At the moment the price per unit of the IDC token is: 1 IDC = $0.66.

What makes expensive talents?
When you register on the Pay MHO network, the ecosystem will generate a virtual wallet or STASH, where you can gather TLN. Talents are generated from the moment you register on the platform and start creating. Therefore, by containing a live profile and contributing regularly in different ways of producing TLN, Idealcoin you will be able to obtain and accumulate a greater amount of these virtual tokens, which you can use to perform all the processes available in the ecosystem.

The platform will offer a ten percent discount to consumers who can change TLN for the Ideal coin virtual currency names.

The distribution of finances obtained in the course of sales, as well as the tokens themselves, will be the following: The project is enough and interesting and probably will be able to conquer this sphere. It all depends on the desire and zeal to implement the project from the developers of the project. We will continue to follow the news of the project.

Conclusion :
Idealcoin to us by developers. I do not encourage you to invest in any way, because investment is a matter of personal decision of each user. You accept these decisions solely on your own. I would like to remind you that I am not responsible for your investment. Have a good day!


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