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Ilink2music Distribution of money and products together with circus performances allowed to hold the power in Dr. Rome. A lot of water has been under the bridge since then, but the needs of modern people have hardly changed. And the affirmation of Juvenal will be fair for our era.
Entertainment of the population with the help of spectacles in our days is called show business. Show business is a business connected with entertainment activities for a wide audience. Show business includes various activities: Cinema industry, musical stage, sports competitions, information programs on radio and television, advertising, games and much more.
What have you been entertained in ancient times?
In Dr. Rome-Gladiator fights, etc. Greece-Theatres and sports competitions. In the dark Middle Ages-performances of stray circus artists and buffoons. In Europe 18-19 century entertainment industry included Variety,, music-halls.
In Russia, the 19th-century spectacles were called “various kinds of public entertainment and  fun” for the poor and visiting commonness theatres for the wealthy.
The inquiries of our contemporaries are more refined. Therefore, entrepreneurs from show business have to be very inventive to attract the target audience.
Good, modern technology allows to invent and implement a huge number of entertainment events, TV shows, all kinds of show, in order to meet the demands of modern people.
Show business Like any other business has its own market. And in this market, there is a commodity and there is a consumer of this commodity. And the regulator of these relations is becoming more and more advertising.
All who want to sell their goods in this market need to be very subtly able to capture the mood and needs of the public and properly advertise their goods. The modern show industry is on the verge of revolutionary changes. And whoever can take them in time will be profitable.
The world of modern show business is slowly beginning to understand all the advantages that blockchain technologies carry.
An example is a singer Shelita Burke, who sells her new Ilink2music collections of dance music to her fans directly, through the applications on the personal channel. The sum of the collection is 1 dollar, but only in the form of Bitcoin.
A well-known fact, in order to release your music track on the old technologies, you need to spend at least 1000 dollars. Those musicians and singers who began to work with the use of blockchain technologies will never return to the old, financially costly and time-consuming technologies.
ILink 2 Music is a platform for social networks powered by Blockchain uniting, which launches an entertainment project based on Blockchain.
The advent of an Internet network, a new recording format-MP3 has led to such achievements as high quality of sound, free choice and downloading of any favorite composition or work, unlimited choice of music files.
With on its platform will provide an opportunity to open your channel, where there is an opportunity to share their works, to post videos of their tours, concerts, to offer all kinds of attributes of their creativity. Sale of files through blockchain will allow representatives of show business directly to receive profit from the fans. It is no secret that many talented music groups and performers have not been able to become popular because of the old system.
Now, thanks to the ILink 2 Music platform, they have this great opportunity.
Thanks to this project there will be a unique opportunity quietly and painlessly to remove from the market of monopolists-recording studios, which could alone decide who to be known, and who does not.
In this new ecosystem, there will be no need for a producer, as in such, because any performer can do the work himself.
The project offers interaction of social media, digital money, blockchain technologies and directly by the performers and authors of creative works of all directions.ILink 2 Music has positioned itself as a new business model for the creative audience.
ILink 2 Music launches an internal token-Elink on its platform.
Elink tokens and the corresponding IL 2 Voting platform allows all its users to actively participate in online testing of creative products, voting will be safe, accessible and transparent, as well as confidential.
Elink tokens can be used to carry out transactions such as: payment of merchandising and e-commerce, sponsorship payment, E-Card purchases and virtual gifts, purchase of virtual games, participation in various contests, seminars on Music, fashion, sports.
Elink tokens are a digital currency that is compatible with Eosio running on the ILink 2 Music platform. The presence of these tokens will allow anyone or organization to access the platform and all applications on it.
The ILink 2 Music team has developed a protocol to eliminate all risks of privacy issues during online voting.
The ILink 2 Music team offers excellent opportunities for all interested advertisers, including real estate, finance, dating, online gaming and more.
On a platform, thanks to tokens, it will be possible to take part in actions with musical executors, in contests of tokens, to listen to exclusive concerts on air, to download any favorite song, to send and receive virtual gifts and E-cards, buy musical instruments, audio equipment and more.
Users of the platform will be able to send images, video, audio and texts to the company, which conducts the contest of goods and thus become a co-author, participate in the active discussion and offer their ideas.
Ilink2music All participants of the platform will be able to get information to all directions of the music industry in the world, take part in blogs, forums, seminars, concert programs and much more.
The initial development phase of the Web site has already been completed.
10 000 000 000 tokens will be issued Elink
The tokens will be distributed as follows:
 10%-Pre ICO
 30%-ICO
 2%-Private Sale
 15%-project team
 7%-advisers
 3%-Bounty campaign
 22.85%-fund for development
1 Elink = $0.005
Private Sale-290 000 000 tokens Elink
Pre ICO-1 000 000 000 tokens Elink

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