iLink2Music Positions itself Between the tech-savvy BlockChain Entrepreneurs

Ilink2musicis an evolving social media platform for music entertainment based on blockchain technology that brings together artists, leaders and music enthusiasts around the world, regardless of age, experience, race or belief.
How does it work?
Ilink2music will allow you to create a user profile that displays your talent or experience in the entertainment business, (artists, producers, professionals, technicians or fans) to sign up for contests, receive and win exclusive prizes. Each participant will have the opportunity within the community to find what he is looking for in this world, and possibly allow to reveal his/her talent which will be examined by the authorities in its field; Thus, turning part of the platform into an exclusive global online community based on the same principles as several major music television shows with successful international growth.

Strategic Development Plan
Step One
Contact with listeners: What do they say? What type of content do they consider attractive? What is the best barbershop content consumed by the audience?

Step Two
Content will be generated based on the areas of interest extracted from phase one. In general, content should be relevant, useful, attractive and rich in information.

Step Three
Measurement of communication, tracking “Likes”, “reposts”, “retweets”, “clicks ” etc., so you can easily determine the success, failure and areas of improvement, most importantly, what type of content resonates with the audience.

Step Four
Continuous training. The results of the measurements will not be useful if you are not working on an error. The purpose of measurement is not only to understand what has happened in the past, but also to determine the future. Only then can you set up a strategy and try to attract more attention.

Why Ilink2music?
 There is a high demand for the company’s services;
 The company has a strong professional management team;
 The company has a firm and aggressive growth plan;
 The company has a unique social media platform on Blokchejne.
Elink token
Ilink2music  token is an official symbol of the Ilink2music platform provider. These tokens allow an individual or organization to access the Il2voting platform and its features to work successfully with contest celebrities/influential individuals and secondary actions (advertising, shows, sponsorship, etc.). Il2voting provides opportunities for the Olympics. It enhanced capabilities in combination with a private blockchain-framework with public and for additional testing, using anonymization voters ‘ schemes and mathematical proof of verifiability. All of this is enabled by Elink tokens.

2% will be allocated for private sale with a transition period of 12 months
40% of tokens will be released publicly.
15% will be allocated to the project management, the main developers and founders with a term of 12 months.
7% will be allocated to consultants via the validity period of 3 months.
3% will be distributed among users during the Bounty and referral program.
The rest of 22.85% will be reserved for a development effort, and with growth for all users as well as useful for future market expansion. Bonus given 10.15% (as signs that later left and will be added to the Reserves.)

1LINK = $0.005
Issue: 10 billion ELINKS
Minimum Amount = $50 USD
Maximum amount = $50 000 USD
Accepted CURRENCIES: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, DASH, ETC, NEO, Qtum, TRX, ZEC, as well as payment via PayPal.

Stages and bonuses
PRE-ICO Stage (10% of total volume) = 1 billion ELINKS.
Public stages ICO (30% of the total volume) = 3 billion ELINKS.
Softkap: $3.5 million
Hardkap: $21 million

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