ImpalaCoin – Trade and Transactional Banking in Africa

ImpalaCoin  – Meet the future of trade and transactional banking in Africa Impalacoin-is cryptocurrency, which nourishes the crypto-bank Impala and the financial network. Crypto Bank is an inclusive financial trade and transactional transactions, the main purpose of which is informal, paper, cash, cross-border trader, international merchant, international agencies to support supply chains, E-commerce businesses.

In parallel with the ongoing activities to create a crypto economy, Impalacoin will collaborate with other logistics players such as transport, smart contracts legal documentation, customs, and tax authorities, Standards and certification of quality, fuel, housing and so on. Impalacoin will be able to circulate in this ecosystem before going to other currencies, making Impalacoin the first to use cryptocurrency in truly real life.

There is an urgent need to integrate all countries and integrate them into the common African trade and financial platform. ICM is currently building the world’s largest stand-alone, online blockchain, supported by a digital bank or financial network, which will become a key foundation in the creation of a transboundary ecosystem in parallel with the ongoing activities to create Crypto-economy. Crypto Bank is built on rails stellar network of blockchain and payments and infrastructure of processing of mobile money impalapay. Our secondary target market is international money transfers, billing and tax collection in markets that we can reliably provide end-to-end transaction processing in more than 117 countries.

ICM is a global pioneer in the mobile wallet of peer-to-peer transmission and interaction between various mobile, cash platforms that gives access to 180 million mobile wallets and more than 200 000 agents. Innovations in mobile systems of financial technologies such as mobile money, mobile point of sale, mobile banking, ImpalaCoin  contactless cards, and payment service accounts, among other things, led to an electronic digital payment revolution across Africa. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have a natural synergy with mobile phones, financial services, which makes Africa a clear leader in the practical use of cryptocurrency every day. Comet Wallet has its own multi-currency digital wallet that allows you to pay for various utility bills in different countries. This mobile wallet allows customers to quickly pay for any transaction using a mobile app. It also allows the user to transfer the fund, send money to more than 22 countries instantly. As a client can send money P2P in the same country.
ImpalaCoin  The Comet transfer function allows the client to send money at any time anywhere. It is equipped with various additional security measures, such as passwords, one-time SMS token notification, in addition to biometric fingerprint authorization or facial recognition. Currently available on Google Play store, users can download and list some of the existing markets.

How Buy tokens
Go to the site
Click on Register
A confirmation link will be sent to the registered email address to be clicked to complete the registration process.
Click on Buy
Enter the address of your stellar wallet.
Enter the number of coins you are going to purchase
1 ICM = 0.15 USD (pre-sale)
1 ICM = 0.18 USD (main sale)
Minimum Amount-50 USD
Investors who buy any amount from us$50 are eligible for a 10% bonus which will be credited directly to their account.
To check how many coins you get as a bonus when you enter the number of coins to purchase look for the bonus box just below. More detailed information you can get from the technical documentation of the project, as well as ask questions you are interested in the telegram chat or in the main branch of the forum. All profit

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