Impressio prides itself on understanding cryptocurrency

Impressio  Today you can find a lot of interesting projects that are really able to change a life. One such project is Impressio. This is just a unique platform, which in the future will help all those who want to invest in cryptocurrency and thus make good money. There are plenty of people who want to but just don’t know how to invest in cryptocurrency. Impressio will provide all the necessary tools for further investment in cryptocurrency.

Project Features
Impressio is a British platform. It is fully focused on investment opportunities. The Impressio platform is ready to offer you a unique investment strategy for investors to receive hourly profit. This opens up new opportunities for the development of online business and a high enough income for all participants.

The Impressio platform was designed not only for large investors but also for newcomers who have small capital.

What’s impressive?
The Impressio project employs the best specialists who have an incredible experience. They have experience in applied engineering, web development, advertising, as well as in the field of finance. As part of the ICO Impression the project, everyone can now join investors to generate short-term income with hourly and daily earnings.

How is the profit calculated? You can now get a fixed or profit-based period. Each variant has its own peculiarities, so it is up to you. You can use the hourly profit to check.

Project characteristics
The platform is ready to open just incredible opportunities for people who have decided to invest their money in cryptocurrency. Sufficient experience in a narrow specialization will allow maintaining high competition, and also to provide leading positions in the market.

The main advantages of this project include:
Availability of direct registration. The deposit Impressio  will be credited only within 1-3 confirmations and depends on network speed and transaction fees.
Instant withdrawals. All withdrawal requests will be processed instantly and automatically.
Availability of maximum data protection. The Impressio platform has reliable protection against external threats and is checked daily for the presence of malicious code.
Regular charges. Depending on the chosen investment strategy the profit will be accrued daily.
Partnership Rewards. Impressio are ready to offer you a high reward for attracting investments through referral links or coupon codes.
Dedicated server. All the functions to date the team is developing with the help of a quality hosting provider.

These are the main features that this project has. They talk about the high quality of development and the fact that the finished site is perfectly suitable for investors.

Distribution Bounty
In total, experts have allocated to the Bounty company 7 500 000 tokens. Below we have presented to your attention how tokens will be distributed:

Signature Company – 30%.
Transfers – 20%.
Company of blogs and media – 20%.
Twitter Company – 20%.
Bounty Program Terms
The Bounty campaign lasts 9 weeks.
The stakes for the Signature campaign are counted every week, the rest at the end of the campaign.
The first week begins on Thursday, April 19.
On all questions concerning the Bounty campaign, write in this bounty branch. Please do not write to us at LS.
We reserve the right to exclude you from the campaign if we find that you are doing your job dishonestly.
We reserve the right to change the terms of the Bounty campaign.
As you can see, the Impressio project is quite efficient. With it, you can invest in cryptocurrency without much risk.


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