Imusify – Music is more available to global users than ever before but the disconnect

Imusify Good day, dear Subscribers. Today we will analyze another interesting and promising project, which is definitely worth paying attention to, and for which I have been following for quite a long time.
I present to you ICO imusify-a decentralized platform for artists in the music industry. The project aims to create an entire multilevel decentralized ecosystem that will use modern solutions such as an intelligent reward and compensation system, a reward for any contribution to this Platform. Also, the digital token of this platform can be used as a currency, through which the exchange between digital assets and services can be carried out.

The purpose of this ecosystem is to establish trust and transparency between different artists and service providers in the industry. All this will be done by using a combination of innovative protocols and frameworks, which will be designed to simplify direct communication between artists, fans and other interested parties.

Let us now examine what are the main problems that this platform will solve. The team currently highlights two main issues: the first is the absolute inefficiency of the current centralization, and the second is a frequent connection error. The main problem of centralization at the moment is the lack of transparency, which has resulted in such consequences as loss of incomes, improper transfer of property rights and inefficiency of licensing processes. In this regard, many large organizations keep a large amount of income through the use of many artists and their various creative content, which leads to the fact that artists do not get a fair and fair income. Also at present, music has become more accessible to many Internet users, previously it was definitely not. But despite this, the gap between the various creators of music, co-authors and many shareholders every year is steadily growing, which greatly complicates the exchange of different ideas and resources.
Now let’s move on to the solution itself. The most important advantage of this platform is the elimination of the need for various intermediaries, hence a significant increase in the efficiency of the platform and its transparency, thanks to which absolutely all users undoubtedly will be rewarded for their contribution to this industry.
It is also worth noting that this project has many major partners who are interested in the development of the product and in every way contribute to it. The full list of partners you can find in the picture, which is presented below.

The project team consists of qualified specialists with extensive experience in various fields. Now I will tell you about a few very important members of the team, thanks to which this project is definitely waiting for a great success. The first person I would like to talk about is David Walters, who is the director of the company. He has 10 years of experience in areas such as financial management, various investments, and startups, Imusify also David is a successful entrepreneur and artist. At the age of eight he began to get involved in music and started to write songs of his own composition, in fourteen years were already recorded songs in the studio, and at the age of sixteen David signed his first contract, released and presented several singles and records and in Later began touring extensively in Europe. Now David is engaged in the realization of his long-standing dream, he creates a unique platform that will make our modern world much better and with the help of

Tadej KREVH holds the position of Chief Technical Officer of the company. Tadej has more than twenty years of experience in the areas of software development, system design and architecture, cloud architecture, and scalable and distributed applications and system integrations. It is also worth mentioning that Tadej is a senior lead engineer for a full stack and a technical director in two large companies. Dina Yedigeyeva is a senior financial advisor. She is also a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of the famous designer fashion brand. He has more than fifteen years of experience in such areas as strategic planning, market analysis, finance, marketing, analysis of customer behavior and decision-making. Jennie Legary is the director of marketing, apart from this she is a talented artist and a successful entrepreneur. He has quite a lot of experience in such areas as classical music, real estate, financial technologies and promotion of startups at an early stage. Also, Jennie is a former contractor of such a large company as Apple and has world experience in creative projects, which are aimed at combining different music and modern technology.

Imusify Now let’s move on to the consultants of this project. Anders Larsson is a blockchain consultant and is ranked among the top five best-rated ICO advisors. He has twenty years of experience as a technical director in companies to create new technologies for various networks. Anders was also vice president of mobile broadband in Southeast Asia and Oceania with an annual sales of $1 million. Jeremy Khoo is one of the top ten advisers to ICO projects. Has experience in areas such as e-commerce and retail, also participates in ICO projects and fundraising, earned more than eighty million dollars. Chris Hager is an experienced engineer and technologist, and he is also a technical director of several companies, as well as a blockchain developer and a member of the open community called NEO Blockchain. Imusify Chris has more than twenty years of experience in developing various software, system architecture, cloud infrastructure, operating systems, scalable and distributed applications, as well as locking technologies and various Mobile applications. Nicolaj Kuntner is a technical consultant for this project. It was this man who was the developer of NEO’s first smart contract, which implemented the logic of user rewards, also Nicolaj is a theoretical physicist and producer of an educational video channel on the YouTube site, which is dedicated to Technologies, mathematics, physics, and informatics. John Gado is currently a partner in the music industry as well as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. John has quite a lot of experience in launching and maintaining various record labels, developing platinum sellers, creating a clothing line and distributing entertainment content to mobile devices. In addition, John is the head of business development in Legion of Creatives, as well as chairman of the musical direction in the same company. You can learn more about the consultants of this project on the site, which is located at the end of this article.

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