INDAHASH: The Big Marketing Platform

INDAHASHis the big marketing platform allows to all member earn money by participating in the campaign at their social media profiles. As summarized in this review, indaHash already launched since 2016 with a focus on the micro, and members in the first year of running a campaign in 497 34 markets, while their growing member network of 10,000 be 110,000 and the number of their employees from 6 to 62. indaHash now offers a network of more than 300,000 members of the 70 markets; have than 400 clients, like Fortune 500 companies (such as Coca Cola, Sephora, VW, Adidas, P & G, McDonald’s, L’Oreal, New Balance, etc.), who has run more than 1000 campaign on the platform; and more than 130 employees in 7 countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Singapore, USA, UAE, and South Africa).

With indaHash, the brand sending a photo/video for delivery or tasks for the members to create and publish their own content. Company or agency designates the tags to use and choose the criteria users such as category and number of followers. IndaHash platform and then broadcast the campaign to a member in accordance with the requirements of memoderatori, the content submitted, and track the performance in terms of reach and engagement. Clients pay a participating member in accordance with the reach (CPM), engagement (CPE), the view (CPV), or content creation (CPCon), with rates that are determined by indaHash, and receive a report detailing campaign performance and the right of all content that is created for the campaign.

The requirements to be accepted as member indaHash include at least 700 followers, “number of posts”, “level of engagement is good,” and “the quality of a good post (no plagiarized content, meme or controversial)”. Once received, the level of participation of the member specified in the algorithmic and dynamic, based on retainer and engagement. Member access platforms through mobile applications, the Android version of its currently has an average rating of 3.3 from 1,899 reviews (including a lot of complaints about the long wait to get the verification/acceptance and lack of campaign), and version IOS-his average rank 2 retrieved from 21 ratings.

Once inside, the member can see a list of available campaigns indahash, and the details for every task the campaign. Generally, the member must take a photo or record a video and than publish at social media , with tag #hashtag and @ tags are specific in the description. Members can view their remuneration (rate per post) before deciding to participate, and their account balance is updated so the content submitted, posted, and moderated. Withdrawals of earnings limited by minimum amount and payment terms are 30 – 60 days; payment from indaHash directly and is saved to the user bank account.

indaHash according to the Whitepaper , they now launch cryptocurrency IDH, pre-loaded with ICO set out on 8 November, will run for a week. Although the fiat currencies of payment remain available, using crypto-kurrensi will allow member paid immediately and without disclosing their personal information, and also make platform more available to participants around the world. The Member will be able to sell them back to the IDH coin indaHash (through the repurchase program is based on the payment of money from brand) or cryptographic on the Exchange, and also use it for special offers or early access of product and Service brand.

Furthermore, the giver of influence will be able to swap their IDH to get personalize token, which are then they can use it to give the prize to the followers for engagement and to grow their audiences. Fans can then swap these personalize tokens for access to exclusive content, encounters with celebrities, or appear in the post. Fans will have their own indaHash profile where they can see the token balance a different Member. To give incentive to the use of the brand, buying a coin campaign IDH will receive benefits (discounts, extra features), while member with more IDH in their wallets would receive a higher bid for the campaign.

Although the infrastructure of the Ethereum enough to handle the volume of transactions platform currently, indaHash aims to mass adoption will take him beyond the ability of the Ethereum. While the token IDH planned to remain in the Ethereal, scalable solution for viewing indaHash token measuring influenza personalized, such as Raiden. Whitepaper is currently concentrating on the business plan and apply it, not many However stated that the technical whitepaper that describes the architecture of the platform will be published, although without When mentioning

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