InfraCoins – Decentralized Property Listing Ecosystem that will use Blockchain

Infracoins What is blockchain? The blockchain is a software product within which the algorithm lies. That is, it is not magic, it is not collected Zhelezjachki, it is a programmed algorithm. It is important to understand that, like any software product, blockchain behaves in line with how it is programmed. The de facto blockchain is an immutable database. That is if you consider it from a technological point of view, and a technical specialist will say that it is just a relational database — if someone is familiar with the terminology. Immutable databases mean that if you write down the information, you cannot delete it, you can only record some other information in the next round. But all the information that once got in the blockchain, forever there will remain.

Infracoins is a decentralized platform for property acquisition that will use square innovation to influence the account to handle less costly, more useful and safer. Infrared innovations reduce normal dissatisfaction, distortion, postponement and contact focus over time spent on hotel and rental reservations for the convenience of customers and customers. The cost and attributes of homes and accommodations vary from world to country, with many countries facing comparative problems in renting long-term rentals and settlement settlements.
The mission of Infracoins is to offer mechanisms that are equally attractive to the inhabitants of the universal suburbs.
How does it work?
Decentralized INF Ledger is a mechanism that regulates all transactions and relationships between hotels/real estate providers and customers. It will be based on the rules and operations that are managed by the smart contracts that will be deployed in the Ethereum virtual machine.
About Infracoins
Infracoins intends to endow this administration with levels and markings to reach the limit of change from Fiat to Krypton, creating stages that focus on the rational use of forged contracts and the blocking of innovation in Booking and placement of real estate exchanges.
ICO Details
Home Information
Token: INF
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 60 mln. Inf
Price: 1 INF = 1.25 USD
Payment: BTC, ETH, XRP, Fiat
Soft cap: 3 million US dollars
Hard cap: the US $30 million
Quantity: 5 mln. Inf
Start: 15.07.2018
Completion: 31.07.2018
Quantity: 25 mln. Inf
Start: 10.08.2018
Completion: 31.10.2018
Conclusion : 
Infracoins offers users a fully operational online hotel reservation and long-term rental, listing platform. Our goal is to use blockchain technology to ensure a smooth hotel and booking experience that will allow you to fully use the application for rental, rental agreements, hotel reservations, and the list to be completed Fast and online. It is still common practice to perform many tasks manually.
This includes potential landlords accepting paper cheques or cash, rental payments, issue of deposits, an evocation of hotels for confirmation, if payment is received, booking confirmation, etc. In addition, agents and brokers sometimes Charge a significant fee for minimal services, and landlords force tenants to freeze thousands of dollars in leased deposits.
International landlords face problems with renting abroad because their credit scores and credit histories are only valid in their country of nationality or in a country where they are legally qualified to work and Current residence.
Using Infracoins, real estate owners and travelers in countries around the world will be able to use a transparent and versatile platform to list their properties for rent or commercial purpose. Also with our INF subscribers, you will be able to book hotels anywhere in the world with a low commission fee.

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