INGOT COIN First Commodity Exchange That is Based on The Distributed Ledger Technology

INGOT COINThe market cryptocurrency, despite its rapid development, can still be considered young enough. And within it there are many problems which in one way or another complicate its development. Many companies set themselves as a goal to solve these problems, searching for new ways to organize and optimize trading processes within the market. And it must be said that this is not to no avail. Already in the development stage, there are projects that can simplify the process of trading on the bitcoins market and make it more accessible, which will create conditions for its more rapid development. But, as long as the unresolved problems remain. One such is the lack of communication kriptovaljutnogo the market with the more traditional financial markets. The investor will not be able to easily transfer kriptovaljutnye assets to traditional. In addition, financial markets also have their drawbacks, namely, opacity, high fees to intermediaries, etc. and it is the solution of these problems offered by the Ingot project team.

About the project
The ingot coin is an ecosystem that combines the crypto market with the traditional financial markets with the help of blockchain technologists while removing intermediaries and ensuring the transparency of all trading processes. The development of this project is Ingot Group – a financial group that has been on the market since 1993, and through its company Ingot brokers provides the widest range of services in the financial market. This group has initiated active activities to develop the financial market in the Middle East and North Africa. To this end, a consulting firm, Sigma Investments, was launched in Jordan. The Ingot group also organized the first trade exchange in Egypt. and also with their initiative was launched firm Dreamtechs, which offers a digital solution for the business of its clients.

Now let’s move closer to the ecosystem itself. Its structure will include six components that combine all the necessary tools for trade operations both on the bitcoins market and the traditional one, and also open the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrency assets for more traditional. These components are IC wallet, IC Exchange (Exchange), IC Brokerage (brokerage services), IC Digital Bank (Digital bank), IC Certifier (Certified courses) and IC ICO Accelerator (assistance in the ICO organization).

IC Wallet. One of the main components of the ecosystem will be a purse for storing Kriptoaktivov, created on the basis of the blockchain. Developers are guaranteed multi-level protection, and cold storage of user assets, which indicates a high level of security. Note that to save Fiat funds can be used IC Digital Bank and valuable goods-ic Brokerage.

IC Exchange. It is planned to create its own exchange, which will be available for trading tokens/coins of large projects and those that will only appear on the market. It is also worth noticing that users will have an available API connection with leading Kriptovaljutnymi exchanges. To ensure high liquidity, the process of exchanging different types of assets can occur in several stages. For example, the user wants to exchange BTC for Apple shares (AAPL). Thus, the first exchange of BTC for USD, and then USD on AAPL. This process will be automatic and won’t take long.

IC Brokerage. This component will open access to all traditional financial assets, such as international currencies, stocks of the largest companies in the world, raw materials (agriculture, metals, energy). Together with IC Wallet and IC Exchange, This component will allow reacting quickly to changes in the market situation, investing in different assets. For example, this component will allow you to trade on crypto/stock or crypto/commodity markets. Traders will be available the best traditional markets of the world such as stock markets of the USA (NASDAQ, S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average), European stock markets (Germany, France, Great Britain, etc.), commodity markets presented on the most Rating exchanges such as the CME and ICE and ETF Futures, which will include Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street and tree of Wisdom tree.

IC Digital Bank. This component will support round-the-clock payments within the ecosystem. There will also be instant payment options available for users. However, on the basis of this component, investors will be able to open accounts (from savings to brokerage). Developers promise us quick processing of payments, with minimal commissions. It is possible to issue cards, which can be paid for goods and services in real life. The funds will be deducted from IC Wallet either from IC Digital Bank account or from IC Brokerage account.

IC Certifier. This component will provide an educational and training function for all users. In its framework will be conducted certified courses (IT-consulting, cryptography, financial Consulting), successful graduates of which will receive a certificate that would be highly valued in the financial world.

IC ICO Accelerator. Within this component will be implemented the widest organizational support for new startups and their conclusion to ICO. Young teams will be consulted on marketing strategies, advertising services, legal aspects of the process, etc. In addition, after the ICO, the coins tokens of the new project will be placed on the internal Exchange IC Exchange.

Pre-sale-May 1, 2018-June 30, 2018
Token-sale-July 1, 2018-August 11, 2018
Token Price-$1
The minimum amount of fees is $37 000 000
The maximum amount of fees is $90 000 000
Tokens created — 120 000 000 IC (not sold tokens will be burned)

Token distribution:
75%-For sale
7%-discount for early buyers
5%-Team (50% will be frozen for 12 months)
4%-advisers (50% will be frozen for 3 months)
4%-founders (50% will be frozen for 18 months)

Using tokens
ingot coin The IC token (created on Blokchejne ethtereum) will be used within the ecosystem. The developers plan a motivational system for its more active use. Thus, if the user pays some service with IC tokens, he will receive a discount from 5% to 50% (depending on the service). Also, holders of these tokens will receive dividends. However, it is not yet specified when these payments will start, but the clarification is made that as soon as the ingot becomes sustainable and profitable.


All team members are represented on the site and have links to their profiles on LinkedIn. The project itself has several members of the management, who previously held high positions in companies such as Sigma Investments or ingot brokers. In fact, the team has a fairly large number of participants, most of whom have also been involved in the work of Ingot Group. The advisors team made a pleasant impression. them in this project 11. Agree, it’s not a little. In addition, among them are quite experienced and successful figures in the financial and crypto spheres. For example, User Fiedur (co-founder of Bitjob Project, is one of the top 20 experts in the Icobench version), who participated in such projects as Paypie, Mybit, Socialx, Truegame, Swarm Fund, Bineuro, Mfchain and many others. Also among advisors would like to mention Sydney Ifergan (Top 20 by version Icobench) who participated in such projects as DIW Token, Xinfin, BTU Protocol, Swachhcoin, and Naviin Kapoor (Top 50 by version Icobench) who participated in such projects as Paymon, Brickblock, DEEP AERO, Mfchain).

To accept or not to take part in a token sale everyone should decide independently. Personally, I have a very pleasant impression of this project. First, it is a big and, most importantly, an experienced team. Ingot Group has started its activity on traditional financial markets since 1993, and it successfully leads on the given day having several firms. ingot coin Therefore, this is not the case when the project team was assembled for a month, six months or even a year before the ICO. Secondly, the product they plan to launch will be in great demand. It will allow crypto investors to diversify their investments using the assets of traditional markets. This process will be simple and fast. Besides, the novice investor is not so easy to get on the leading exchanges of the world, and the ecosystem of ingot will make this process much easier. Isn’t that what we’re missing right now? Of course, everything depends on the implementation, but initially, everything looks very interesting.

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