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InMusic – Due to the emergence of the internet, where the audio files have become digital, the music industry has received additional problems such as piracy and monopolization major campaigns. The giants of the digital music market in the face, Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora, and so on, presented the world with solutions to these problems by their opinion, but in fact it turned out that they control the cash flow, it is far from transparency and justice for all who enjoy their Services. This project will help to solve the existing problems in the music sphere, as it is a decentralized media platform

About the project.
The Inmusik platform sees the goal of providing users with fair and transparent conditions that the music industry market has long demanded. The service will be the first and present day of a unique platform, which rewards listeners and musicians based on their values for the community. Media platform Inmusik promises to become a free music service without advertising, with a lot of artists, songs, and albums! Fans of music will be able to earn money or receive VIP status, contributing to the development of the community. Authors will be able to upload their content, communicate with fans of their creativity, sell their media content or tickets concerts. For the music industry as a whole, the Inmusik project is a new way of doing business that will stimulate the economic growth of the entire industry. Thanks to blockchain technology, Inmusik solves all problems, opening up completely new opportunities for musicians, performers, and simply fans of music.
The openness of this platform will be able to give her difficulties because of course there are scammers who will try to earn on someone else’s content. Standard content checks used by centralized campaigns using powerful servers are extremely costly, thus greatly reducing the rewards for authors. The project team solves this problem by decentralizing the verification process and involving all platform users. Each content creator must receive a confirmation of his or her account from 20 users. Everyone who participates in verification will be awarded tokens!

A platform that can give everyone a benefit.
Inmusik with care approaches to the issue of satisfaction of its users, so for everyone who will be involved in the system of the project, the developers have provided their “bonuses”. Who benefits from the use of Inmusik and what is the benefit for them?
First of all, they are the creators of music that will be able to earn much more in this system thanks to the unique approach of the platform. The more your popularity in the ecosystem-the more money you earn. All revenues are pegged to the US dollar to guarantee fair payouts. Thanks to the blockchain technology, the Inmusik team creates a fully transparent reward system.
Secondly, they are fans of certain musicians and just fans of quality music. The platform rewards this category for their positive contributions to the community. Earn tokens for finding great new songs, voting for the best music, and helping musicians achieve their success. Just take a look and appreciate that you can now benefit from the love of music.
And of course, in addition to the categories already described, agencies and labels of musicians will also be able to benefit from the platform. This will be possible due to the fact that Inmusik works with the largest publishing companies in the world to create the best copyright management system based on the blockchain. In addition, the platform offers larger payouts for all content owners, real-time revenue monitoring, and automatic payout distribution.

The company’s tokens are Sound Coin, created on the basis of smart contract technologies built according to the ERC20 standard. The token is an integral part of the ecosystem and provides an opportunity for everyone to conduct various fi nancial transactions, convert rewards and collaboration between platform users. Using such a contract in the system will maximize the system of trust and reputation between users within the network.

Inmusik – I think that this company is full of prospects, it has many advantages, as well as it involves dynamic development. Developers responsibly and qualitatively relate to their work, which has a positive impact on the demand platform of the company. Having assessed all the advantages of the company, I came to the conclusion that the company has a huge potential, which in the future, undoubtedly, will lead them to success and advancement. I suggest you turn your attention to this company and read more about it by clicking on the links below.


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