Innovaminex – 100% Decentralized Currency With a Technologically Thriving Concept

Innovaminex is a creative system based on blockchain technology. This system is designed to perform various processes for tracking precious metals, starting from the manufacturing process and giving to the next carriage to the final consumer. At the same time, this allows each verified independent person certified for the metal they buy and also to ensure that all transactions are legitimate and do not arise fraudulent activity. In addition, the buyer has the opportunity to protect the environment in the production of these metals.
The main idea of the project can be considered a good goal, which is to make precious metals accessible to be as much as possible with many with the aid of internal INX notification code. At the same time, it will bring incredible benefits not only to the customers, which for the whole society and the entire economy, relying on the basic qualities of blockchain to secure and transparent their transactions.
Benefits of Innovaminex
The Innovaminex platform allows you to purchase high-quality products and be certified at affordable prices. The blockchain platform provides transparency and security of workers in the project. All data posted is stored in a book and even the creators of the project cannot edit them. The history of each stone and metal is stored without the time. With the non-centralized storage system, the storage capacity of Innovaminex is limitless. Innovaminex is working on cost-effective projects. According to experts, a production place is US$2 billion. Innovaminex’s main precious metal is silver and gold. The platform’s jewelry factory is capable of processing up to 200 kg of gold per day. The plant works constantly, indicating high performance. Innovaminex produces products on the most popular sites in the world, including eBay, Amazon, etc. product range is represented mainly by ingots and gold and silver decorations.
All calculations in the project are made by smart contracts, Innovaminex  ensuring safety for trading and high speed. In order to protect its customers further, Innovaminex uses unique security algorithms, including validation systems, bringing second chances to enter only data per minute in case of error. The distribution node of Innovaminex coordinates together to get the fast deals. Multicurrency encoding tags allow you to purchase items by ETH and BTC, but when using electronic funds, bonuses and additional discounts are provided. Innovaminex is capable of adaptation and can be integrated across multiple platforms at the same time. Thanks to the direct work of producers and buyers, Innovaminex allows you to avoid additional costs and make payments under P2P programs.
The main features of Innovaminex
Innovaminex was designed to testify the production of precious metals from the early stages of production to processing and selling afterward. Innovaminex will remove illegal market in the industry. In addition to the legitimacy, Innovaminex also offers its online stores where only proven products, ATM networks and electronic funds for quick purchases are presented.
Design features
Currently, Innovaminex has 7 projects ready for extraction. Some of them were in the final stages of development and will be commissioned in the first half of 2019. Therefore, this once again proves to us that the project is alive and geared towards quality cooperation.
Innovaminex  In addition to the precious metals that are exploited, Innovaminex will buy and sell platinum, silver, and gold from other mining companies which act completely legally and legally. Everything will take place under the law, and all transactions will be made according to all international standards. If this purchase is done with the INX token, then all Innovaminex users will have a great chance to buy one or another metal with the best market price.

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