Innovaminex – Precious Metals as an Investment Blockchain

Innovaminex  Many of us certainly know that investments in precious metals have always been profitable and in demand at all times. After all, about their value people learned in 1000 years BC Gold and silver are considered the most popular precious metals. Their properties remain unchanged after decades, and even centuries and indeed millennia. That is why they represent such a value for society.

But despite the fact that the modern world is constantly developing, the demand for these precious metals did not decrease and can be said on the contrary, even increased. Since the scope of their application expanded. For example, every year around the world is mined about 4 000 tons and they are distributed to such areas as jewelry (54%), investment attributes (30%), technological needs (10) and Bank gold reserves (6%).

Silver is considered to be a younger sister of gold, however, it also has its own value and always moves next to the gold. Silver is mined at times more, about 25 thousand tons per year. Of these, most of them accounted for the industrial part of the use of 54%, the production of coins and ingots allocated 20%, while other 20% used for the manufacture of jewelry, and the remaining 5% for the production of table silver.

As we see these types of precious metals are widely used all over the world and in many industries. However, do not forget about the other side of the coin, which is related to the mining industry and with all the attendant factors, which sometimes negatively affect not only the society but also the nature surrounding us. And of course, I mean the mining industry of these minerals. Due to the fact that not all mines can boast of ecologically clean work, as a result, people, forests, groundwater, and open waters, and of course, the surrounding flora and fauna, begin to suffer. Such negligent attitude of manufacturers entails fatal consequences, which then it is difficult to somehow change and restore.

That is why the project that we are going to consider today, wants to change the whole existing mechanism of the industry. namely to make it not only ecologically clean but also equipped by the latest technologies of the 21st century.

About the project
This system is designed to carry out various procedures for tracing precious metals, starting with the process of their production and up to their further transportation to the end user. Allowing everyone to independently check the certification of the purchased metal, as well as to ensure that all transactions are legal and do not carry fraudulent activity. Innovaminex In addition, the buyer has the opportunity to ascertain the protection of the environment in the places where the extraction of these metals.

The main idea of the project can be considered a good goal, which is to make precious metals as accessible to a large number of people with the help of its internal token INX. At the same time to bring incredible benefits not only for their customers but also for the whole society, as well as the economy as a whole, relying on the basic qualities of blockchain on security and transparency of its transactions.

At the current time, Innovaminex has 7 ready-made projects for mining of minerals. Some of them are already in the final stages of development and will be commissioned in the first half of the 2019 year. Thus, it proves once again that the project is alive and aimed at quality cooperation.

Everything will take place within the law and all transactions will be carried out according to all international standards. If this purchase is carried out using the INX token, all Innovaminex users will have a great opportunity to buy metal at the most advantageous market price.

This way you can easily buy not only INX coins but also bullion of precious metals weighing from 1 gram up to an ounce, without leaving the house. Isn’t it convenient? I believe it is very!

As mentioned earlier, all transactions within the Innovaminex will be committed by means of their own INX token. A total of 300 million tokens will be released, with an initial cost of $0.50 for 1 INX. You can buy this coin by all our famous coins: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, ETC, USDT, XRP, and DASH. The minimum investment is only 1 INX. The total team of founders intends to collect the Hard Cap in the amount of 52.5 million US dollars.

Innovaminex I would like to note the high desire for innovaminex to strengthen the value of its coins by means of precious metals, as well as to reinforce them and so already existing demand. By doing so, they will not have to convince their investors that their digital asset is valuable. At the same time, Innovaminex has prepared for their clients an excellent loyalty program, which I think is very interesting for many.

So, friends, this project is perfect for those who are ready to act and plunge into the world of investment. But for this purpose, I strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with the project and to study its peculiarities. And for this, at the bottom, I attach all the necessary official resources.

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