INSCOIN For Knox – Create A More Efficient Token Economy

INSCOIN – This project includes the establishment of three insurance companies based in Dubai. Portugal and Bermuda. This will be the first insurance company to offer an intellectual property based insurance strategy based on a classical paper policy; It will ensure a high level of authenticity of the policy and will make it proof of fraud. The Knox project will develop a stand-alone “smart contracts” policy, can, through an article, assess the existence of claims and automatically and immediately start a payment. Prevent any possible opportunistic behavior on behalf of the company.

The typical shortcomings of the insurance industry during this historical period are mainly due to fraud and policy fraud. In this case. Knox’s project was born. Seeks to clear this blind spot and develop relationships between customers and customers in a safe environment. Reliability and transparency by taking perks from Blockchain.

Who are we?
The Inscoin team consists of insurance professionals who can boast more than a decade of experience in managing an insurance company and experts from Crypto World.

About the company
Inscoin for Knox Project” aims to determine the final insurer that will complete Crypto (INSC) to pay insurance premiums, and therefore initiating this with the help of blockchain can solve the problem of policy insurance counterfeiting.

The theological project will become the main insurance insurer, which combines the world of 64 000 dollars with the technology of digital Bloknozov of one victim, creating the most economical and advanced structure in this sector to look for answers to certification and Antikordecionnye insurance policies. This will be the main one ever to release an insurance policy each in a smart contract and type of ancient paper.

With a reasonable contract, the disclosure of the counterfeit insurance policy is avoided as a result of the fact that it is a system of equivalent problems when they receive the payment.
If there are reasonable contracts, the company will have no delay in grouping the loans, as the policy is issued only after receiving the payment. This issue is aimed at improving the management of the company.
Having understood the meaning of the accident-related event, 64 000 USD. The US decides that who can decide whether to pay them no longer a corporation that may have the behavior of nursing care in a nursing case, but the chain block system is completely unbiased in people’s opinion may decide this accident complies with the provisions Policy.

This advantage will be the most important because it can increase the company’s transparency to customers.
The Inscoin project intends to use among the many available block chains of Ethereum, which are currently the largest real cases and economic services and transactions that currently operate. Ethereum makes available, sacrificing the infrastructure and technology of ERC20, the creation of digital personal coins from a controlled position (token) by means of this can be done to support the associated Entrepreneurship Project “care”. Token sales enable a company to collect the necessary economic resources for a project event in which the token itself can play a key role. Tokens have so far opened up new perspectives in the field of technologies that offer innovative services.

Current sales
Inscoin (INSC)

General Supply
527,083,333 INSC
Solid cover
40 000 ETH

Token value
1 INSC = 0.000142 ETH (PRE-ICO)
1 INSC = 0.000167 ETH (ICO)

Min 10 ETH: + 5% (ICO)
Min 30 ETH: + 10% (PRE-ico, ICO)
Min 50 ETH: + 15% (PRE-ico, ICO)

Token distribution
Inscoin signs are a fundamental part of our project. Due to this the client can pay the insurance premium and get access to the maximum level of authenticity of the policy, to get it in the form of a smart contract.

The supply of Inscoin will be 500 000 000

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