INSCOIN Solution to The Problem of Certification and Anti-Forgery of Insurance Policies.

INSCOIN Insurance is one of the oldest industries and can be seen as part of the growth of today’s business, which has become a defining society around the world. Although the insurance in the form we recognized today began with the first insurance contract in the year 1347, the methods of transfer and distribution of risk in the money economy were observed in China in the third millennium BC. One thing that has defined the insurance sector for over a thousand years is the ability to adapt its practice to the changing technological landscape. From contracts written on parchment to websites and big data, the industry has changed rapidly.

The blockchain is the newest technological game changer for entering the picture, and many of them predict that distributed registers can have a profound impact on how insurance companies can operate. One of the important problems that Blokchejnov technology seems to be intended to address is the fundamental principle of “maximum integrity” in insurance contracts. INSCOIN This principle states that each party covenants an insurance contract has a legal obligation to act with the standard of “honesty more than what is normally required in most commercial contracts this means that the insurer must Believe that they are told the truth of the person who wants to take out the insurance. This is different from other contracts, which are usually based on the principle of “letting the buyer beware,”

Applying blockchain to this problem would mean that both the insurance contract and the consumer’s personal data can be stored in a distributed book, with the consumer controlling who has access. INSCOIN Data is stored on the user’s personal device, and this may preclude the need for brokers and other intermediaries who have become intermediaries between insurers and consumers. Not only does blockchain offer a promise of lower costs and efficiency, but it can also contribute to revenue growth as insurers attract new businesses through better service.
Blockchain Technologies can help the wholesale insurance sector to perform its role more effectively in the reinforcement of the global economy. Just as the blockade is being pursued as a force for positive change in other areas of society from the identification of refugees to the improvement of the provision of public services, it can also help wholesale insurance to discharge its responsibilities under general Good.
Token symbol = > SC
Token type = > ERC20 (Ethereum network)
Token Total Supply = > Total 500 million has a supply
TOKEN SALE = > Total amount
270 million is allocated for token sales
Exchange rate = > The coin will change at 1eth = 5000ınsc.
Soft Cap = There is a soft cover of 4.000 ETH which is a very good project.
Fixed lid = > 39.444 The fixed lid of the ETH will be destroyed after the sale period of tokens that are not sold.
PRE-Ico = > for early investors, Preco Ico starts on June 23, 2018, and ends on July 7, 2018.
Ico = > He starts on July 23, 2018, and ends on 23 August 2018 and lasts exactly 1 month.
There have been additional bonuses devoted to each stage of the Ico, which is a good development for investors.
TOKEN allocation
54% of total desire is allocated for sale on a coin
15% transferred to wholesale
10% assigned to teams and consultants
Allocated to 10% network partnerships
9% allocated to the company
2% allocated to airdrop and Bounty
Fund allocation
60% of insurance companies were allocated to the establishment
20% allocated for Platform development
Paid 10% for marketing
10% paid for the reserve

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