INTEGRITY The Mission is to build a self-sustaining crypto ecosystem of small businesses,

INTEGRITY  – Dear reader. Just as my usual practice of providing valuable and lucrative information on your way, let me quickly provide you with information about this remarkable innovation known as “Integrity. One”.  In addition, I encourage you not only to read but also to make an important step within this great innovation.
Integrity is a business and business platform that is suitable for small businesses and marketing service providers and provides strong incentives to ensure fair and affordable growth on demand, enabling small businesses to win, Using blockchain technology to unite the best people, processes, and technologies. The main objective of Integrity is to create cryptosystem, independent of small businesses, experts, freelancers, and technology suppliers, who are given incentives for growth, creation, and development.
At the moment, small business marketing is often characterized by fraud, incompetence and many large technologies from poorly built software. Over time, we unite people, processes, and technologies to join a single platform, we can measure their performance, which means that we can still follow the science and rules to find valuable signals in adversity and determine:
Who does a good job
Who knows how to develop a business well
And that create great tools that really produce results.
Blockchain allows you to store this data securely in distributed public sources that cannot be corrupted. 
Target Integrity protocols: POWR2
The Trust protocols verify all members of the integrity ecosystem and ensure that only those who have/do what produces the results are allowed.

Proof of Wisdom
This is a verification protocol for experts. The Protocol ensures that the expert process really stimulates growth. Integrity checks the process directly and verifies client cases. If the process is proven to be effective, the process is mapped and placed in a blockchain.
Proof of results
This protocol verifies technology providers. It guarantees that the technology will give the result that it promises. No more vapors: if they check, the technology vendor is added to the Integrity Platform technology stack for use by clients.

Proof of reputation
The verification protocol for INTEGRITY  freelancers and agencies ensures that freelancers and processes can perform work and get results. Integrity checks the work and tests the test cases. If the freelancers are proven, they get access to the tasks on the platform and begin to create a reputation.
The ecosystem of the Integrity platform
The Integrity platform connects small businesses with the process. The best experts, the best technology and the best freelancers to implement the best growth strategies for their unique needs so they can focus on what they like better.
Small Business
The small business buys growth on demand using the Integrity token, which is placed in what is essentially Escrow, thanks to the smart contract on the blockchain. The token is issued to an expert, freelancers and technology providers only after they have successfully completed their work: Step by step.
Each time the expert process that they have made is used by a small business to grow or access another platform participant, the smart contract ensures that they will receive royalties in the Integrity Token.
Free artist
A freelancer receives a payment in the Integrity token when they successfully perform their activities that they have concluded. When the quality has been validated by the platform, the smart contract automatically delays the Integrity token in its purse.
Technology provider
INTEGRITY  The technology is used in most growth processes. Whenever technology is used, payment to the Integrity Token is issued by Smart Contract to compensate for the precise use of the technology function by small business.
Token Sales Information
Token Name: Integrity token
Symbol: ITX
Delivery: 300 000 000 ITX
Hard cap: 30 000 000 USD
Token Price: 0.15 USD/ITX
BTC Course Price: US $10 000
ETH Exchange Price: $600
Current Sales Stage: seeds
Minimum investment: US $100 000

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