Intoken Buy InTokens as Rewards For Warm Intros to Customers

InToken – The change in the use of artificial intelligence instead of humans to carry out jobs through automation and automatic learning will transform the structure of society.
Now a new opportunity has been opened to participate in the creation of wealth, this will help with the growth and progress of technology. This idea of tokenization will allow people of different aspects of life to share the values that will be created from this new protocol.
Implementation and distribution.
Inshare and Intoken ecosystem.
– This ecosystem includes the underlying technology and intelligent contract that govern the issuance and distribution of Intoken and In shares.
– The implementation of the ERC portfolio.
– The designs and contracts have been made to optimize simplicity, efficiency and also for security purposes.
– The available intoken and in shares are intelligent ERC20 and ERC223 claims contracts that are effectively executed in the Ethereum blockchain.
The project currently has no plan to implement its own blockchain and this for the purpose of administering In shares and shares, however, there is the right to move on to a new intelligent contract platform if it is discovered that it is significantly Better and more efficient. 
The concept of the entire Intoken ecosystem will definitely emerge from coherent and closely coupled intelligent contracts, each of these contracts providing an essential subset of functionality.
The Smart Intoken Contract (IN).
The expected Intoken Smart contract will be able to manage, retake, and approve the transfer of tokens for each address. This agreement will be true to the banker’s protocol and, eventually, you will be able to implement the banker version of the ERC20 Smart token.
The available information managed at the Ethereum Blockchain.
• The balance will be intoken by address in.
• Transfers will be made between the IN address.
• There will be approved to remove tokens from the INT addresses.
• The supply of the token will be the current amount of INT in circulation, which will be controlled by coining and burning tokens.
The intelligent contract of Inbot Mediator Gateway (IMG).
The introductory processes, as well as the assignment of symbolic rewards, are usually made through Inbot mediator Gateway (IMG), this is the contract that runs the business on the platform Inbot Ambassador.
Here’s some information handled in the Ethereum blockchain.
There are five introductory stages available that are managed by Inbot mediator Gateway and include: (i) the process when the intro reward is opened.
(ii) the process when a seller accepts an introductory suggestion from an ambassador.
(iii) The process when a provider endorses the introduction.
(iv) processes when a seller or an ambassador withdraws.
The solution available to minimize the amount of the ETHEREUM transaction fee.
Rising prices and increasing the transaction rate of Ethereum are no novelty, Intoken will review the strategy to manage the introductory process using the Inbot mediator Gateway Contract and also pay dividends regularly Directly with the Inshore company.
InToken The maximum amount of available intoken will be 13 billion. A total of 5.8 trillion of intoken will be made available to the public, 2 trillion of the token will remain as a reserve for the shareholders of Inbot, Inc., these are the people who will be ready to lose their actions in the process.
There will be a reserved amount of 800 million of tokens to be allocated for liquidity, this will be managed for the banker’s protocol, this will be done to allow anyone to purchase tokens with Fiat coins, in an attempt to create rewards directly from The wallet interface.
Available TOKEN Supply and distribution
The ICO will have a soft limit of €3 million and then a maximum limit of €38 million.
Each unsold token will be added to the reserved liquidity that will provide an easy purchase of tokens for all companies, allowing the platform to grow rapidly.
After a successful implementation of tokens, there will be an effective token distribution:
• Employees and consultants will have 9.6%.
• The cost of ICO will be 1.2%.
• Inbot Reserve will have 6.2%
• Inshare dividends will have a 30.8%
• ICO will have 44.6%
• ICO Rewards will have 7.7%
The available model will encourage the use of tokens for the introduction, increase the platform’s activity level, and the value of In shares, InToken as well as the value of in shares, also increase.
The ICO budget will have two programmes aimed at rewarding community members and including;
Airdrop for the telegrams group chat membership and the reference Reward program.
Use of the fund.
For the sake of community building, we will have 10.0%
For the purchase of the supplier, we will have 25.0%
Operations will have 20.0%
R and D will have 45.0%.

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