INVOX FINANCE Bill Runs a Small Transport Contracting Business and Offers Delivery Services

Invox Finance is the platform for distribution that enters the invoice financing invoice US industry $2.8 trillion. The team at ABR Finance Pty Ltd are behind Invox Finance. ABR Finance is a successful invoice financing company and has helped fund the business across Australia with A $30 million in the form of an invoice. ABR will also be the first customer of Invox Finance, allowing some sellers and buyers to test the Financial Platform of invasion with the ABR Finance as an investor.

How Infox Finance works
Seller has invoice they want to sell to accelerate cash flows Investors expect higher profit and to diversify their investment portfolio. Buyers will receive an updated invoice payment period and was awarded to verify invoices.

Invox Financial Models
We plan to disrupt and revolutionized the industry by applying the traditional invoice financing platform loan peer-to-peer distributed global platform called Invox Finance. This platform is really going to eliminate the need for the involvement of financiers by connecting businesses that want to accelerate their cash flow through the sale of their invoices, directly with the investors who want to finance this invoice.

A Decentralized platform
Invox Financial platform will enable sellers, buyers, investors and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information.

A lower rate for the seller
The seller will be able to obtain financing with interest rates that are lower than those usually received from traditional financiers who operate outside the block.

Invoice Ledger on Dynamic Distributed
Dynamic invoices giving all parties the ability to update the invoice information in realtime, ensure immortality and manage access to sensitive information.
Bring All The Parties Together

The financial platform of Invoks maintain the trust and transparency among all parties through the allowed access, verification, and a system of rewards in it

Direct access to Investors
Invox Financial platform will give the sellers direct access to individual investors. This new direct lending environment will benefit both sellers and investors.

A new way for investors to Diversify
Invox Finance platforms will expose investors to lending products consisting of fragments of loans from various businesses in various sectors of the industry.

Reduce The Risk Of
Credit invoice will be fragmented into smaller increase that allows investors to buy fragments of loans to reduce their risk profile and enhance their diversification.

Invox token will give the seller access to the Financial Platform Invox. Through Trusted member of every seller will be required to pay some Invox Tokens as annual membership to gain access to the platform. The system will give an award to the buyer and the seller with Invox Tokens for verification and payment of invoices.

Early Coin Deals
The reason behind doing the ICO is prioritizing the sales system through membership to Invox Tokens. Token Invox will entitle the holder of the rights to access the financial Platform through a trusted member of the Program Invoks. By participating in the process of two-stage fundraising Invox Finance, you will be given the chance to earn Tokens Invox at discount prices. ICO will be conducted in two parts bonus systems that reward to participants of the pre-ICO and also during the ICO itself. The maximum number of Tokens minted Invox will be released at the beginning of the Pre-ICO

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