IOVO – Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), the Next Generation of Blockchain

Iovo  – To date, there is a huge number of blockchain startups in the world. They are similar in some terms, but not always under the big names hides qualitative, really worthy projects. Moreover, among them, there are sometimes scammers who give themselves funds to investors.
The project we want to consider today is called Iovo It began to be developed not so long ago, but has already occupied a certain niche in the crypto industry: it became possible thanks to an interesting concept and a strong team of developers.
Let’s take a closer look.

The problem and the concept
Each reader of this article uses the Internet in one way or another for their personal purposes. We register in social networks, we have electronic mailboxes, make purchases online, thus admitting a third person into their lives.
The world’s largest corporations, such as Google or Facebook, keep data about each user in their repositories, from phone numbers to personal interests. It is worth you once to search the web for comfortable shoes, click a couple of links-and advertising shoes will haunt a long time.
The saddest thing is that we cannot manage information about us, make it open or closed. The Iovo project proposes to change this and take the situation into their own hands: within the ecosystem, each user is free to dispose of his data as he wants. This will give them value and monetize.

Technological solutions
In order to achieve the most efficient and comfortable solution, the developers of the Iovo project have introduced a number of useful technologies into their ecosystem – some of them have already got well on the market, and some of them can be called innovative.

Everyone is more or less familiar with Blockchain technology: a way to organize data storage, a system in which all information is entered into a distributed registry, formed into blocks and a single transparent serial chain. It was first applied in cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and at the same time showed its main properties:
 Disentializness – Absence of a single managing body;
 Transparency and invariance;
 Protection.
Iovo creators have developed the concept by increasing the scalability and throughput of the meta: it can now handle operations even faster.
Smart Contracts
Smart contracts is a technology developed by Vitaly Buterinym, the creator of cryptocurrency Etharium. This is an algorithm that is a pre-written contract. Its advantage is that the program code monitors the fulfillment of the contract terms by the participants and only then distributes the tokens between them.
This technology eliminates the likelihood of fraud and other financial risks.

Iovo Wallet
In order to enable users to perform financial operations comfortably and quickly, the developer has introduced into his ecosystem a special purse Iovo-Iovo Wallet. It allows not only to replenish the deposit but also to carry out a number of other useful functions:
 Fast exchange of messages between network members;
 Transactions;
 Data storage.
The owner of the wallet is able to register several addresses at the same time, thus fully controlling all their data. Iovo  The organization of such a complex mechanism will take time because its launch takes place only at the end of 2018.
Proof of value
Instead of the usual and often used algorithm Proof of Stake-the proof of share-the developers have implemented a modified and improved code: Proof of Value or proof of value.
In accordance with the value of each user due to this algorithm will be distributed remuneration. This will stimulate the work and support of the level of value without the need for additional investments.
The model is experimental and will be run for testing soon.
Dynamic Payout System
This, the final point, can be attributed not only to technological but also to organizational moments. The fact that the consumed amount of information and user data requires large volumes of memory for storage and generally high-quality manual maintenance.
In order to hire human resources, it is necessary to find an optimal source of financing: it involves large spending. In order to maximally smooth these angles and provide good system service validators, the developer proposes to carry out small fees from the participants of the network.
Main features of Iovo
Iovo is designed to provide the basis for the creation of decentralized
Applications (Dapps). As a result, most users will not directly use Iovo. Instead, they will use user-friendly Dapps other

Network users. The application author decides which user data will be used for a particular business and defines the rules for accessing it. Therefore, the actual functionality of Iovo will be determined by dapp developers, not by Iovo creators.
Iovo allows users to create tokens and coins of a new cryptocurrency built on the basis of Iovo. Dapp developers can either create a new token along with their dapp or use one of the existing tokens. The token author defines the rules by which tokens will be distributed, traded, and so on.

Iovo and ICO Ecosystem tokens
Iovo  Within the Iovo ecosystem, you can buy and sell valuable information and pay for additional services. To make this possible, you need a payment tool. The creators of the Iovo Project decided to implement a single token for the convenience of all operations, which is called: Iovo. It is used in transactions between users and has the same properties as another cryptocurrency. Stored on the ecosystem purse.
Now the company has closed round ICO: 30% of 1 000 000 000 tokens are allocated to it. In the future will be launched and open stage: on it to make an investment in the project will be able to anyone.
The investments collected on ICO will be directed to the project: improvement of technologies, remuneration of personnel and development of the project as a whole

Development team
Here is the time to meet with a team of professionals engaged in the development of such an interesting project. This is:
• Kristoff Gagacki, co-founder. An experienced investor in the crypto industry.
• Zbigniew Kostzheva, co-founder.
• Mariusz Mack is the head of the community.
• Brittany Kaiser, Executive advisor. Made an incredible contribution not only to the development of the project but also to the development of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.
• Donlin Gao, Executive advisor.
• Dan Jeffries, consultant.
• Joshua Hong, head of the investment. Formerly a pioneer in the gaming industry.
Each member of the team has a lot of experience in the field of doing business and cryptocurrency in particular. In addition to the listed team members, the project employs a large number of talented programmers, designers, and creative directors – which will necessarily lead to success in achieving the goals.

Iovo  We have examined the Iovo project in detail. The special interest in it is caused by the deep conception: to possess the information to the full, to manage it and, moreover, to monetize it is really important and valuable. And the new ecosystem will make it fully.
The number of technologies and internal tools used in the development of the service should not remain in the shadows. All these achievements will make the project as comfortable and efficient as possible.
Iovo is developing at a crazy pace: by the end of the 2019 year it will fully function, and users can see the delights of the ecosystem in practice.
Investing or not investing in a project is a personal choice for everyone, but personally, I think the project has huge potential and a great future.

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