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Iovo  – if you remember, in the previous review I told you about such an ambitious blockchain startup as Iovo, which sets a global and ambitious goal to create a platform that will protect the privacy of human data and Allow people to be rewarded for using these data by third parties. This review, in addition to parsing, touch on the subject of its ISO and roadmap, which reflects the development phase of the platform. Let’s go!
How Iovo implements its plans
The guys from Iovo plan to create a platform that will allow each person to dispose of their personal data-payment information, data on insurance and accounts, credit history.
Users whose data will be used can fully control their privacy and control their access level. That is, you will know who requested your data and for what purposes while receiving a fee from and to them for it. The level of the fee that will be given to you by the company, you install yourself. Also, you can simply close access to your information, if you do not want someone to use it, but you will lose the opportunity to monetize this data until you make it available again.
And Iovo will be a decentralized platform in several senses of the word. Iovo  Apart from the fact that all data will be stored in a multilevel DAG table based on blockchain, decentralization and democracy will work due to the fact that Iovo will be used only for storage and structuring of information, and to collect it There will be other Dapps created by third-party independent developers, each of which will have the right to decide which data to collect it. And users will also be able to decide through which application they interact and the Iovo system.
Data security stored in Iovo
Due to the fact that Iovo does not have to worry and think about the information gathering industry, once they outsource it to their partners, Iovo developers can fully concentrate on creating a secure data store that will be protected from Hacker attacks and the so-called double parasitic blockchain attack.
All this is realized, as I said above, through the use of DAG technology. DAG can be called the next evolutionary coil of the blockchain technology. The traditional blockchain is linear-each new block follows sequentially in the previous one. In the DAG, each new block can be associated with several other blocks in the next chain, but as in a linear blockchain, it cannot change the records of the previous block, which preserves the information in its entirety and eliminates the risk of tampering. In simpler terms, DAG is a non-linear multi-threaded version of the traditional blockchain, as there are several chains of blocks communicating with each other. An information store based on this technology can be infinitely scaled and expanded to create unlimited storage space for records.
Iovo Project Development
Iovo  From everything written above, it becomes clear that it is quite difficult to translate this idea into reality. The concept (IDEA) of the project was formed at the beginning of 2017, after that the preparation of documentation (white sheet, roadmap, etc.), a search of specialists, development of marketing strategy began. At the moment, the project Iovo announced the beginning of the pre-sale of its token on the stock exchanges, to attract investments that will be used in the development of the project and help this bold idea to become a reality.
Iovo In parallel with ISO is developing alpha versions of Blockchain Iovo. In the middle of the 2019 year, a system of interaction with partners ‘ applications will be formed, which can then begin to develop. And at the end of the 2019 year, it is planned to officially launch a multithreaded DAG from Iovo and begin its integration with applications.

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