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IP Exchange (IPSX), as you may have guessed, is a company that has developed a service for you to change your IP. The company stated that this was a multi million dollar industry because many internet users need to change their IP. Security, access to blocked content for their country and many other things is a major problem associated with the customer.

There are some problems. Why would anyone share their IP? They can have legal problems with doing it and they absolutely do not generate income, which will obviously make them less to invest in doing it. What is the proposed company is to create a service where you can lend your IP to others, receiving money and protected if they use it for illegal purposes.

The company was founded by George Bunea, who is the current CEO and has many years of experience in the technology market.
How Does IP Exchange Platform Sharing?
Basically, the company created a platform where you can lend your IP to others by using blockchain. You will be protected because the information will be stored in public (which means that if there is anything illegal done by using your IP, you’ll have a way to defend yourself) and you will be paid through smart contracts for lent it. Lenders can get IPSX token or currency fiat.

If you are a user, you will be able to get more security because you have a diverse range of IPs that you can use. The price will be set by supply and demand, which means that if a lot of people offering IP, you should pay less for them. You must pay with IPSX token for this service. You can decide how long you will be using a new IP and this will affect the price.

You can use this service on a tablet or a smartphone, but it does not yet exist on the desktop computer. The company has made a public API, so you can integrate it as you wish to use the service.

How to invest in ICO IPSX?
To invest in IP Exchange, you must obtain a token IPSX during Initial Coin Offering. Unfortunately, the company has not released much information about it. Pre-ICO held in 2017 but the stated public sales begin in the first quarter of 2018 without official date. IPSX 900 million tokens will be sold during the ICO (half of the total amount).

IPSX token-based ERC20 and blockchain using Wireshark. They will be the base currency on the platform of the company, so it would be better if you buy it at the ICO if you plan to use the platform in the future.

The Verdict Of The IP Exchange
IP Exchange is the best investment for you? If you would like to use this platform in the future, it could be. Seems to be a good company if you are interested to lend or use a different IP, so it could definitely be the right choice to invest.

If you only want to use this platform to get a return on investment, may not be as good because the return on investment may take some time. You will probably get it, You may have to wait some time.

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