IRONX – Create a Crypto Exchange That is Created With The Traditional Trader in Min

IRONX– Established in 2010, Ironx is the leading online forex trading brand to be awarded, with 10 trading platforms and more than 200 trading tools. IronFX serves retail and organizational customers from over 180 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America while providing support in more than 30 languages. The group is authorized and administered by the top four managers in the World FX, FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), Fsca (South Africa) and CySEC (Cyprus).

Best cryptography
Founded in 2007 2009, EMURGOHK, a leading company on blockchain technology, is the JV constructor for the blockchain blockages and its hugely successful electronic funds, ADA Coin. Located in one of the world’s most dynamic business centers, Hong Kong, and is completely located between northeast and Southeast Asia, EMURGOHK is spreading the Cardano’s revolutionary Protocol on the Pacific Rim.

Ironx Trading Platform
Fully regulated
The group is actively seeking to be licensed and properly adjusted. Currently, it has FIU license in Estonia but will actively pursue licenses in other important legal areas. I

* * Existing customer base * *
Ironx is being built with 1.2 million retail customers current IronFX Group and 150,000 followers of Cardano in mind, helping us reach a gigantic liquidity pool.

* * Sponsor FIAT and Crypto * *
The Ironx platform will provide a full range of funding options for FIAT and the traditional crypto wallet.

* * Support 24/7 * *
Ironx will be the first exchange not only to provide support for 24/7 but also in the language that the user speaks, meets their needs.

Ironx Vision is to create an encrypted exchange created with traditional home business in mind. This is why we have the best merger in traditional trading from IronFX, with the best in emurgohk coding, to create a world-class coding exchange.

Ironx wants to exchange to provide services that the vendors are using and incorporate them with the benefits of trading on the cryptocurrency market. They would also like to introduce cryptographic transactions with the benefits that traditional transactions offer.

Mixing seamlessly with the tradition
The Ironx exchanged intent to allow customers to use their existingIronx account Exchange Crypto and cryptocurrencies to continually move or move (partial or full) placements/exposure to IronFX Group online trading platform effectively, fast and not expensive at all, through the use of the bank’s conventional and paid payment methods and the best available payment methods of IronFX Group. In addition, the current cumulative experience of risk management, account management, and compliance management will be used as a seamless bridge that facilitates the migration/location from E-Money transactions to online communication System.

The Irx ERC-20 utility token will serve as the main token in Ironx Exchange, backing up the system’s usage level. The fee for payment by Irx cards will be discounted, encouraging regular trading providers using Irx for all charges and transactions.

Those with Irx cards will also benefit in a variety of ways. Based on the level of the hold, they will enjoy the services and additional incentives on the Ironx-IronFX ecosystems Group.

Reduced price spreads on traders for trading products.
IronFX free tags, premium accounts don’t require, free virtual Private servers (VPS) without requiring.

Reduced portfolio management fee (management fee and implementation fee)
Upgrade Referral brokers/associated units without current requirements.
Commissions complement the referral Broker/branch when payment by Irx.
Open a currency trading account Irx to transaction CFD on the IronFX-platform group trading, recharge, and withdrawal of funds in Irx.

The Irx Token
The Irx Sales code ran from 20 days of June 2018 until 30 days of August 2018 and successfully sold 67,691,787 cards, at a price of $0.33 (USD) per card, with the value of $22,338,290 (USD). After sales success, Ironx has decided to release additional 82,308,213 tokens to sell publicly.

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