KARMA – Given the era of decentralization

KARMA– is the first platform in the world that also take advantage of the technology blockchain are decentralized to empower that either community or membership of an organization. Karma was founded in 2005 with the original mission to connect individuals who are outstanding and inspirational both socially as well as professionally through various experimental event is high, even with business networking events and meetings social. With the purpose of the Protocol can provide International Karma karma and Token (KIT) to empower people based membership. All funding on karma is intended to support the growth of the community even the organization that aims to serve the interests of the community. So the new mission of the Protocol is to give Karma

Karma and Karma Token Internationalization (KIT) to empower the Community membership based worldwide, including:
> Physical membership organization (such as country or golf clubs)
> Virtual membership organization (such as University alumni Branch)
> Non-profit organizations do not have the backbone operational (ERP, CRM, Analytics, etc.)
Even Karma has produced several thousand events that got international recognition and presence by some of the most influential people in the world.

Market, with a Custom module choices, will be one of the most effective methods to increase value added to Karma through developer community. An example of a Custom module will be fully capable of consuming a KIT based on the unique needs of their own, individually maintain metrics on a per instance basis module. Karma will allow all developer community to create very specific processing module, the independent. It can take one or more roles for all our societies, in the industry is very diverse.

By using a basic layer abstract as the Ethereum, Karma is able to implement all of the features and rules of Protocol the KITS directly to smart contracts, which were deployed and processed by the entire network. By using the entire infrastructure of the Ethereum with the aim to legalize a transaction and adds a new block for blockchain, Karma minimize any possible attack on the Protocol. On top of the Ethereum, Karma has built a service that uses the Geth. Geth is a multi-purpose command-line tool that runs a full Ethereum nodes implemented in go. In this case, it runs on proprietary Linux server with no open ports RPC/HTTP. Communication, which involves Geth, managed through the application of an intermediate Python and network Ethereum.

Spinning a new community network is a challenge enough. Organizations around the world trying to be facing a lot of difficulty choosing the right technology and solutions, and after that choose the right development partners in order to implement those choices. Even if this option early, really the implementation, operation and maintenance of the network of community generated can be fraught with complications. Founded the Organization, with a network of communities of their heritage (i.e., networks and systems based on the technology of non-blockchain older,), difficult challenges that are similar and are additional. These organizations network community heritage that is often a mixture of various incompatible technologies (a different vendor, version, Protocol, age, interface, etc.). Connection on new components, even if those components, considered in isolation, the right choice, combinatorially can be difficult. Bottom line-such as growing organizations scale their operations, their heritage community network cannot keep up

With the use of technology Blockchain Karma using Etherum as the main layer so that karma is able to implement all the features and make the KIT protocol rules of smart contracts in which they are deployed and can be diperoses by the rest of the network. By using the whole Ethereal infrastructure with the aim of validating transactions and adds a new block to blockchain, so as to minimize the possibility of attacks against the Protocol. The connected applications built on the tuffle Etheral kblokir with the aim of building a smart contract compilation, linking, deployment and management of a binary with a pipeline Builder Configured support for custom build processes with destination Management network can be deployed to many public and private networks.

Funds that are targeted by the Karma will use about 40% for Marketing and PR then 40% is used for research and development of the platform of karma and the remaining 30% is used for the Oprasi company and expansion.

The Structure Of The Token Generation Event (TGE)
Karma blockchain using technology which produces custom ERC223 token (a successor to the token ERC20standar) with eighteen digits after the decimal point and the ticker symbol KIT.
targeting as many as 1 billion token supply KIT where 1 KIT = $0.0706
with target sales of tokens as much as $25 million

Website : https://tge.karmainternational.com
White paper : https://tge.karmainternational.com/documents/karma_whitepaper.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/karmatge
Medium : https://medium.com/@karmatge
Twitter : https://twitter.com/KarmaIntl
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/karmaintl
Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2270955

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