KEPLER Connecting Exciting Robotics and AI startups with investors

KEPLER is a network technology powered by Blockchain. The purpose of this network is to create a global market platform for robotics and high technology investment through the portal of transparency and decentralization that is controlled and managed by the investors. Use data analysis, science, and predictive algorithms,

Kepler will give investors a unique investment opportunity through symbolic assets. Kepler’s social network dedicated to developing a solution that is fair, simple and reliable that help transforms innovative ideas into reality by stimulating people around the world to collaborate.

Mia is a block-based Assistants will continue to use our decentralized network. Mia is designed and developed to help users in their daily activities, including the purchase through a system wallet is integrated allowing them to conduct transactions based on verbal commands.

Kepler also developed intelligent vacuum cleaner, shopping trolleys, security drones and another smart device that requires no user control. Kepler ico selling a brand of real value in the real world. These assets remain contained and another important benefit of this project is the support and sponsors that have been collected by the public sector and private sector.

Kepler is supported by the CEP of the original token. We consider the most important features that should be a sign, the high liquidity. KEP will be reinforced with the value of the company assets, including labor, knowledge and experience, equipment and infrastructure.

The brand value of the CEP, secured on a plot of more than 300,000 m2 with building a network that will form the headquarters of Kepler. This includes the architecture of space, Office management, Megafabrik, fully equipped laboratories, University of technology and the campus. In addition to this property, the value of the Token’s real CEP added, there are also technical knowledge, patents, developed in the laboratory and factory products our values.

build teamwork through the world with a specific background. but it brings opportunities for all people to join an amazing project to find expertise and manpower according to the revolutionary idea of manifest into reality.

This platform will be talented and gifted thought to participate in the development of technology solutions or connect with resources and personnel. to bring their ideas to life. Kepler not only acts as a direct gateway to the intermediary, the network connection also gives a unique investment opportunity to investors.

Kepler Token
KEP token will be used as an instrument which guarantees the right of entry to the platform and allows the general public to explore a great benefit from the network. So that the participants can follow the platform, ICO was doing deals. As many as 201, 500, 000 KEP token has been created by the developer ecosystem.

During the Pre-ICO, 5,000 KEP will be sold with a bonus of 30% while the ICO during the stage 1, 11, 500, 000 KEP up to 15% will be granted. 16, 500, 000 KEP will be available with a bonus 10% during stage 2 while the ICO 21,000, 000 KEP with bonus 5% will be offered to the public during the ICO 3. The final stage of the ICO will have 21, 500, 000 KEP without bonuses.

Sale Token will be done in two currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereal (ETH). Total token supply is 250,000, 000, 7 000 000 CAPE VERDE is + Bonus. USD will produce 1 KEP which means that investors will get 0.8 $1 KEP in return. 1 Token price = $1.25 the amount to be raised is $250 million.

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