KIRIK The Revolution in Smart Contracts

KIRIK – If you have followed the crypto space and technical advances in the domain, you probably know how this technology gives banks the opportunity to run for their money. It may seem ironic, but it’s true! There are thousands of Kriptovariantov, but one stands out from everything else. This is Ethereum, and the reason for his technically advanced success is to support smart contracts.

Now you might be wondering why I’m talking about Ethereum in an article intended to cover another project. Well, today’s project is different and a very unique concept, the purpose of which is to polish the art of using intellectual contracts. The Kirik project aims to make intelligent contracts “intelligent” by introducing semantic code that can recognize patterns. In Simple English, the team behind the Kirik project aims to introduce machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence that can work between several existing intellectual contracts based on Multiple chains. He explains himself as a “semantic meta-protocol.” This has never been done before, and in general, it will be the crypto industry.

In addition to being an investor in the cryptocurrency domain, I also strongly support the blockchain ecosystem. Technology is still in its formative stages, and it has already revolutionized countless sectors and sectors. Most projects in this domain are based on the Ethereum blockchain, which can implement intelligent contracts. Imagine that you are getting more energy for a technology that has already earned as a result of changing the game over the last couple of years! Yes, the Kirik project will forever change the industry of the blockchain, paving the way to the culmination of all three technological giants-artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Bookchin-under one roof.

I have seen countless projects based on Blokchejnov, but rarely see a project that aims to promote the whole chain of Blockchain in general. It is a revolutionary concept and a step forward for mass adoption of blockchain technology. Once the platform is live, it can combine the best parts of the most secure chain networks and create a semantic network or automated smart contracts. This will open up a new generation of Blokchejnov. I firmly believe that this project is one of the best projects to be tracked in the Block zone in 2018!
Recently, we have witnessed high technological advances. Technology has advanced in almost all sectors, such as software, hardware, industry, and others. After the introduction of Web 2.0 appeared the concept of a server. A server is a software object that provides the results of a response to web users based on their requests. After the introduction of the server, it came into the cloud storage technology.

This technology has enabled us to store our files on a centralized storage platform that is available to us everywhere and anytime through any of our devices. There are several drawbacks to using cloud and cloud computing, such as security-the main problem, as it is a centralized storage system, if it meets any cyber-attack, then all data can be Lost and will not be restored, the aforementioned scenario gave way to the development of another advanced technology called The Blockchain. A blockchain is a decentralized data storage platform in which data is stored in multiple locations and in multiple copies, as well as through intelligent management, and all transaction records are securely supported.

Blockchain technology provides the ability to create smart digital contracts between two parties. This is a kind of legal agreement between the two parties in digital format. They are very confidential and contain confidential information about different conditions. This is one of the key features of blockchain technology, and the efficiency required for this is very high. There are a few drawbacks to this feature, as well as it is slow and difficult for the machines to understand. All available blockchain technologies use a standard way to form these smart contracts. This has led to problems with contract transactions between different forms because there is no ubiquitous standard. Kirik, a new launch based on Blokchejnov, which works to create semantic smart contracts,

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