Konios platform offers the safest exchange platform for cash & crypto currencies worldwide

KONIOS The integration of blockchain ecosystem technology into business processes, and even into everyday life, makes it necessary to ensure maximum availability of cryptographic currency for all comers of Jefirium. In comparison with the classical banking system of world capital turnover, the innovative system of BLOCHAIN is spared from many intermediaries, bureaucratic schemes, additional commission, duties and other payments. The ICO Konios project provides exactly such conditions. 
Project ICO Konios
The development team started to create the ICO Konios project in 2017. The idea of the project is to simplify the process of cryptocurrencies exchange in the ecosystem as much as possible. The exchange will be made between the participants in person, excluding virtually any mediation, using available technical means and providing a high level of security.
To make an exchange requires only a smartphone with the appropriate application, the exchange operations have five degrees of protection. The process of exchanges is quite simple and includes only four clicks. The protection will be provided by information blocks, which are the basis of the cryptographic currency. Working with smart contracts in the system also contribute to the security and legality of exchange operations. 
Since 2017, the Konios platform has been working to strengthen the concepts of delirium ecosystem and blockchain technology. The platform provides:
-Transactions on the exchange of cryptographic currency of any pairs (exchange),
-The safe face-to-face technology of cash transfer to the currency of digital format (F2F principle),
-Affordable, comfortable and easy to carry out purchase and sale of goods, services, etc., carried out with the participation of cash and digital currency (Marketplace),
-Providing of TRENDING operations with the help of the system of tools of analysis, forecasting, tracking of tendencies and notifications (Trading),
-The platform keeps records on conditions of anonymity of statistical, behavioral and geolocation data,-access to data for platform participants is free,
-Within the system, all settlement operations will be checked, but the conditions of anonymity will be preserved,
-Realization of calculations is carried out by smart contracts on conditions of decentralization,
-The purse can be used not only inside the system, but also external connection or mobile application. 
Advantages of the Konios platform
1. Providing a safe, simple, fast, reliable and anonymous process of face-to-face currency exchange.
2. No expensive fees for any transactions.
3. Timely provision of up-to-date information for the disposal of its account for the purpose of saving or earning income from cash savings.
4. Availability of necessary information for any platform participant.
KONIOS Cryptocurrency is increasingly integrated into the business sphere and into our daily lives. The process of decentralization of financial flows helps to improve the quality of services rendered in this area, reduces the cost of commission fees to banks and other financial institutions. 
The market of cryptographic currency is characterized by openness. Especially for those who use this system for the first time. Expanding the range of cryptocurrency market participants contributes to increasing the level of reliability and strengthening of digital funds in the system of payments. Therefore, the team of specialists working on the development of the Konios project take all necessary measures to involve new participants in the ecosystem.
Despite the obvious advantages of the ecosystems of the cryptographic currency market, the percentage of world capital involvement is still very low. Therefore, the task of ICO projects for the near future is the maximum repost and attraction of new people to the ranks of jeko platform participants.
User action algorithm by mobile application Konios
If it is necessary to exchange any pairs of digital currencies, the user needs to clearly define the details of the Exchange (exchange amount, currency pair, desired rate, etc.). When you load an application, using a filter with this information will help you significantly speed up the process of finding the required digital currency.
The entered parameters allow to filter the sellers by location and display the list of available participants ready for the necessary exchange transactions. The buyer has an opportunity to choose a seller from the offered list or-displaying available sellers with the help of the card.
The buyer sends a purchase request to the selected seller.
This is the first stage of the Konios application transaction.
The second stage of the transaction is the seller’s confirmation of the purchase request in case the buyer’s conditions are satisfied. The confirmation is carried out on the smartphone. In this case, the specified amounts are blocked, the smart contract is activated until the parties make the transaction F2F and confirm it in the system.
The third stage of the transaction. F2F. The parties meet. With the help of QR-code, it is possible to identify both sides of the transaction. The buyer withdraws cash from the account and transfers it to the seller (the parties must take care of the authenticity of the funds). Next is a two-way confirmation of the transaction.
The smart contract then automatically completes the transaction. The purse of the buyer is transferred cryptocurrency. 
After the transaction is completed, each participant will be prompted to mark the action. The presence of such marks in the future will increase the level of trust of the participants of transactions. 
This is just one example of the deals in ICO Konios. There is a whole control system in the ecosystem to exclude the possibility of committing a crime (money laundering, trade in illegal goods, etc.)
ICO Details and Terms:
Name – Konios Token.
The symbol is Kon.
The cost of 0.01 USD.
Maximum volume – 5 000 000 Sale:
1. Lot – 2 bln. Tokens.
2. Lot – 600 mln. Tokens.
3. Lot – 300 mln. Tokens.
Cryptographic Faljuta – pts, ETH,
1. Lot – 35% 700 mln. Tokens.
2. Lot – 20% 120 mln. Tokens.
3. Lot – 10% 30 mln. Tokens.
The beginning is 01.05.2018 of the year.
Duration-2 months.
A total number of tokens – 3 bln. 750 mln. Tokens
Token distribution
Tokens are distributed on the principle of decentralization 88%-for sale (pre-sale-2%, Airdrop-4%, loyalty system-7%, the main stage of public sales-75%). 

Website https://konios.com
Whitepaper : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Nf6o1WJooXwv8KCe6vxxqoqmQFpIcMY1/view
Twitter : https://twitter.com/KoniosOfficial
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/konios.social
Telegram : https://t.me/koniosofficial
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