KRIOS – A global online marketplace allowing businesses to connect with people

KRIOS  A global online marketplace that allows businesses to connect with people who work in social networking space. This platform will help support the growth of legitimate employment in the world of social networks This is a Web application and mobile application for efficient and cost-effective marketing campaigns. Krios aims to create a platform through which small businesses and startups can have the same digital marketing opportunities as large multinational corporations.

Industry challenges
Separate sites, such as Facebook or Instagram, are not designed to build marketing campaigns due to weak, unfinished functionality. It is no secret that in 2016 Facebook announced serious mistakes in its metrics, which people used for 2 years. According to the video metric, for example, users rated the statistics of views of their commercials. The indicators were overstated by 60-80%.
If you want to organize an advertising campaign, you will encounter such a problem: it is difficult to find suitable specialists and establish their coordinated work. Finding people who have access to your target audience is also not an easy task. Try to find a job if you’re an opinion leader in Instagram or blogger on YouTube!

What Krios Offer
Krios will unite on its platform influential social media, consultants, advertising managers, content creators, graphic designers, copywriters, etc. on the platform you can assemble a team of professionals for the marketing campaign, Specializing in your industry. You will manage the process and track its effectiveness. If you are a “leader of opinion”, KRIOS  then companies that need your target audience.
At Krios the owner of the business will satisfy all marketing needs at once. The platform is integrated: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.
Smart contracts are a guarantee of performance of services and wages.
Platform components
“Organize your Campaign”
The option “Organize your campaign” will allow the company to control the advertising process from start to finish. Thanks to the friendly interface you can directly pay for services in Krioscoins and communicate with the executors through the application.
Each campaign will have its own page, where business owners track progress and payments, as well as communicate directly with project participants: individually or in a group.
You can select the executor for the project manually or automatically by setting the required parameters on the Krios platform.
Affiliate Network
In this section will be registered affiliates (sites where you can advertise) and Indossanty (bloggers, popular users Instagram). Krios automatically merges the company and endorser to the specified parameters.
Companies can use either one very popular endorser, or a few less popular ones.
Indossanty, in turn, offers to advertise in your blog, on the page in social networks or on the site. When you register, they specify the name, location, demography, and number of subscribers. This data is transferred to business owners.
On Krios already has a base of 30 thousand. Opinion leaders. Affiliates also join the network as they see business prospects.
KRI token
KRIOS  Tokens will be used in the Krios ecosystem to pay for transactions between users. For tokens on the platform, it is possible to place services and advertising of the services. Cryptography also provides a decentralized and secure way to deal with transactions. Users will be able to store their tokens in the wallet on the platform that is connected to their account.
Work process
For example, you need a copywriter and a designer who is versed in your industry. You came to Krios.
By the given parameters you select suitable people. For example, they accepted your offer. You send an amount to krios coins for the project implementation.
Krios automatically creates a smart contract. Before the executor uses the funds, you will need your confirmation. You’ll know what the money is for.
You control the team’s work and efficiency on the project page.
At the end of the project, leave feedback to the team members.
From January 8 to February 16, the token KRI the ERC20 standard.
Price: 1kri = 0.10 USD.
Total produced 650 mln. Tokens. No additional releases are planned.

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