KRIOS – Online Global Marketplace Assisting People to Build a Social Media

KRIOS – The Krios project presents a new way to collaborate with marketing professionals from around the world. Whether it’s copywriters, graphic designers, content writers, or influential individuals, Krios will allow users to connect, collaborate, and perform on a single platform.

The challenge that businesses face with outsourcing marketing is a large number of platforms that require user management. The user needs to dial, communicate, manage projects, share files, launch advertising campaigns and make payments – each operation requires a separate platform.

Krios will manage its own digital currency, KRI, to eliminate any problems with banking systems, currency conversions. A token is a payment mechanism within a platform. This allows you to instantly pay contractors upon completion of a job or on an approved milestone, without the hassle of conversions in foreign currency, third-party payment processors and banks.

Krios: Advantages of the project
Digital advertising has long existed, but it is well known that the industry is actively engaged in solving a variety of problems. From bot-fraud to dubious indicators, billing abuse and inflated rates, published revenues are being actively reduced, while costs are rising. To fix these problems, a krios was created. Krios focuses on creating effective marketing teams, bringing together consultants, influential media outlets, writers, graphic designers, and other experts.

Pre-sale was carried out at the end of 2017. Krios sold 8.8 million. Tokens in the pre-ICO. Anyone who wants to use their social networks has the potential to earn money from the platform. As businesses seek to reach people in new, more efficient ways, custom endorsements are becoming more and more valuable tools. KRIOS Those with great online subscriptions have been doing this for years, but now companies see value in sharing among smaller, more intimate, authentic social groups.

The advantage of the project is simplicity and convenience. Managing multiple platforms can confuse, take time. The ability to manage all aspects of a campaign on only one platform simplifies the process and allows you to get results faster. The platform is in development with alpha testing taking place with a private internal Test team. Beta testing is scheduled for the second quarter of 2018.

Information on pre-sale tokens (ICO)

The pre-ICO started on November 17, 2017, and ended on November 30, 2017. The price was 1 Ether = 4150 tokens KRI (0.07 US dollar), and the maximum amount of 500 000 USD to 10 000 000 tokens was fixed. During the pre-ICO was sold 8.8 million. Tokens.

Token sales information (ICO)
ICO ico starts on January 8 and ends on February 16, 2018. The price is 1 Ether = 3000 tokens KRI (0.10 US dollar), and for the full distribution of 490 000 000 tokens, KRI set maximum. KRI is an ERC-20 token, so a purse that is compatible with ERC-20 must be used to obtain tokens. Tokens can be purchased using ether, Bitcoin or US dollar and the minimum amount of transaction 0.04 ether.

Token distribution Information
Currently, there are 650 000 000 tokens Krios (KRI) that will be created for the pre ico and ICO. There are only 500 000 000 Cree tokens available for sale during the pre ico and ICO. Additional 150 000 000 KRI Tokes was reserved for the team, developers, founders, investors.

KRIOS  is also used to reward members of the network as well as the owners of KRI. 10% of all fees charged for online transactions will be proportionally redistributed to users with KRI. Tokens will be distributed among the participants when the ICO is over.
Using ICO Tools
70%: development, including website, token, platform and core business components.
15%: marketing and promotion.
10%: advisers.
5%: Command extension.

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