KRYLL The First Intuitive Platform for Defining Crypto Trading Strategies

KRYLLis the premier platform for merchants who want to use the criptocurrency tool and the most sophisticated trading strategies, as well as the combined intelligence community in order to achieve the best return on the market criptocurrency. This platform provides an intuitive way to create your own trading strategies and set it up to run automatically via an interface you can devise trading strategies to take advantage of the instruments of the industry’s most powerful and with secure test it with backtesting and sandboxing.

So your tool to prove their value, you can set it to trade directly on your behalf, taking the right position at the right time, as if you follow the market 24/7. At you can also rent your own victory strategies that will help traders achieve success that you do. You will be rewarded with a passive income to do so.

Core team Kryll consists of veteran developers and Internet professionals who have all been traded crypto as fans over the years. With the background and circle their advisers ranging from economists, business developer, expert on artificial intelligence and semantic analysis, they decided to build a proper platform for traders crypto. They provide their fellow traders tool, communities and the environment that everyone wants.

The Mission of the Platform Kryll
Kryll platform aims to fill the gap to get an efficient trading tools for everyone. Introducing technology WYSIWYT (What You See Is What You Trade), team Kryll will provide simple strategies to determine the interface based on the block and flow. The flow of visually depicting the meeting of the signal, the operator and the relevant data that define a particular strategy.

There are 5 main block which can be used to build a strategy:
Market trend Analysis and analysis of the range — technical data channel identification, detection patterns, refusals of resistance, detection zone and demand modeling, prediction-based learning machines.
Signal. Coming from professional traders, channels the Telegram is eligible or semantic social network analysis.
Their operators are intended to organize data and interaction feedback signal for example: If the market rises and Btc received positive feedback on Twitter
Trade action Like buy, sell, divide the amount into subsets, holding the number of such gains, loop, and stops.
The notice is to inform you about the status of this strategy can be a text message, email or other notification.
Architecture, Hosting, Performance Security &

The currency traded Crypto 24/7. supports exchanges around the world and is committed to making the platform available, efficient and secure. The Architecture Of The Kryll. IO includes multiple dedicated servers in Europe, Asia and North America, enabling the implementation of the strategy with the most efficient way in accordance with the Exchange where they Transact.

The platform will implement a strategy you have been designed through the API provided by the Exchange are supported. Whenever the Exchange allow it, we will ensure that the API key does not allow withdrawals, so ensure the currencies You stay safe in your ownership.

Application Of Compantion Kryll
After you connect your mobile companion applications to the platform, you can access your dashboard, get a push notification about your strategy and stay connected in ways that are much lower with Your crypto trade status.
In addition, mobile applications will introduce further interaction with design or strategy you choose, so that gives you full control over your trading right in the Palm of your hand.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Start date — Feb. 7st 2018 12:00 UTC
End date — 20 March 2018 12:00 UTC
The name Token — KRL
Maximum Supply — 220 000 000
The price of a Token KRL — 0.2 USD
The Minimum contribution — 100 USD
Hard Cap Approx. — 29 000 000 USD
The currency is accepted — BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC.

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