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Kryptobits – Hey buddy. If you are interested in joining the Kryptobits project or want to join the Kryptobits project, it is recommended that you read the reviews to help you get information that can help you view their vision of the mission during the project Kryptobits.

Lock blocking
Banking without a bank. Kryptobits provides new financial services in Blockchain technology faster, cheaper and easier.The world of banks is not as effective as it should be and is also not adapted to the new times in which we live. Digital transactions have grown exponentially, so we need a banking system that runs at the same rate. The time has come for the next generation banking platform: kryptobits, Blockchain banking. An easier way to move, invest, ask for credits and manage money. Simple, fast, transparent and accessible to all.

Without intermediaries and without minimums. Digital or traditional. Available everywhere and for everyone. Also access to financing, purchase of cryptocurrency and withdrawal of funds through credit cards. With the Instant money, you get full control over your money, which can be immediately withdrawn without any commissions and from anywhere in the world. Kryptobits uses Blockchain technology to solve the problems of traditional banks. In this way, you can communicate directly with others to manage and manage money faster and with greater confidence and transparency than any bank can offer. Kryptobits leads the revolution to Blockchain Banking. Built in Europe for the world.

Kryptobits ICO
 Exchange of Kryptobits is a new comprehensive system of blocking for banking and financial services, which combines crypto and Fiat together in a unique platform.
 The user will be able to send and receive payments from third parties, both in cryptographic and fiat currencies, using the unique advantages of “Karto Coin”, our cryptocurrency and internal trading system on the basis of artificial intelligence.
 The main purpose of the ICO is to allow the user to be part of a large business to exchange cryptocurrencies and get the high-performance benefits that it offers.

 First, we will offer Kriptobits tokens (KBE) via Smart Contract over the Ethereum network.
We will launch a total of 1 802 500 000 tokens from Kryptobits, the distribution of which is available through this system for a total of 1 442 000 000, leaving the remaining tokens for the team of developers, consultants, and economic and legal development Infrastructure.
 Tokens that are not sold at these stages will be burned forever, meaning no more Kryptobits tokens will appear in the future.
 The distribution of the 1 442 000 000 Kriptobitov tokens that will be offered for sale is described in the following table by phases, quantity, and approximate dates.

TOKEN Sales Details
 Start = May 17, 2018 (12:00 PM GMT + 2)
 Ending = August 24, 2018 (12:00 PM GMT + 2)
 Number of tokens for sale = 1 442 000 000 (80%)
 Number of Total tokens = 1 802 500 000 (100%)
 SOFT-CAP = 4 million €
 HARD-CAP = 100 million €
 Accepted currencies = ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, FIAT (EUR)
 Minimum investment = 100 Tokens

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