Kryptobits offers new financial services faster, cheaper and easier in blockchain technology. The world of banks is not as efficient as it should be, it also does not adapt to the new times we live in.
Digital transactions have grown exponentially, so we need a banking system that goes at the same speed. Now is the time of the next generation banking platform: kryptobits, Blockchain banking. It’s an easier way to move, invest, take credit and manage money. Simple, fast, transparent and open to everyone.
Without intermediaries and without the minimum. Digital or traditional. It can be used anywhere and for everyone. Access to financing, purchase of the cryptocurrency and withdraw funds with credit cards.
With instant money, you get total control of your money, no commissions, and instant withdrawal from anywhere in the world.
Kryptobits uses blockchain technology to solve the problems of traditional banks. This way, you can connect with others directly to move and manage with greater confidence and transparency than any bank can offer.
Kryptobits is directing the revolution towards blockchain Banking. Produced in Europe in the world.
Why invest in Kryptobıts?
We want you to know the advantages of purchasing KBE tokens in our Ico.

Discount on Exchange Fees
As the owner of the KBE token, you receive an automatic discount on Exchange rates. The percentage depends on the number of tokens you have purchased.

Blockchaın Banking Services
If you purchase the KBE token, a free amount will be given to the stock exchange’s main currency, kartocoins, to access all the benefits of stock Exchange banking: loans, transfer of fees, airdrop.
TOKENS Treatment
In his own project, Kryptobits believes that the parity (€0.10), which has been fixed 12 months since the development of the stock market, allows you to retrieve your tokens.
A. Kryptobıts
The Kryptobits exchange is a new and comprehensive blockchain ecosystem for banking and financial services that combines cryptographers with a unique platform.
The user is able to receive and receive payments from third parties in both crypto and fiat currencies using the unique advantages of the cryptocurrency and the home designed trading system based on artificial intelligence.
The primary objective of the ICO is to allow the user to become part of the large cryptocurrency exchange and to achieve the high-performance benefits it offers.
Kryptobıts Exchange
Our main priority is user and deposit security. The state-of-the-art security features of change include cold wallets, 2fa mechanisms.
Advanced Wines
You can access advanced graphics and visualizations for tracking values. The system also integrates with the trade view.
Canceling funds
For your convenience, you can withdraw funds directly through the IBAN accounts or credit card (given by Montbrun Capital).
Obtaining Cryptocurrencıes
You can purchase all types of crypto money, including the most common, and get progressively and let kryptobits change the world’s biggest crypto bid.
Cryptocurrencies Exchange
You can perform transfers or exchanges between the cryptocurrencies quickly and securely. We are currently working with BTC, ETH, LTC, and KTC, and we are adding other encryption coins in the future.
Aırdrops Support
Finally, we use airdrops that are supported by an excellent programme staff that makes it easy for our trusted and trustworthy customers to move.
First, we will present cryptobits tokens (KBE) with a smart contract over the Ethereum network.
We will launch a total of 1,802,500,000 tokens from Kryptobits, a total of 1.442 billion distribution through this system, thereby leaving the remaining tokens for the development team, consultants and the economic and legal development of the infrastructure.
Tokens that are not sold during these phases will be burned forever, i.e. Cryptobits tokens will not be produced in the future.
The distribution of the 1.442 billion coin cryptobits to be sold is described in the following table, with phases, quantity, and estimated dates.
TOKEN For sale Details
Start = May 17, 2018 (12:00 GMT + 2)
End date = August 24, 2018 (GMT + 2)
Number of tokens for sale = 1.442 billion (80%)
Total number of tokens = 1,802,500,000 (100%)
SOFT-CAP = 4 million €
Hard cover = 100 million €
Accepted currency = ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, hernia (EUR)
Minimum investment = 100 TOKENS

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