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Kryptoin – With increasing complexity and risk of financial machines and cryptohalite, tokens Kryptoin ETF were created to simplify and reduce the risks inherent to them. Token ETF for the crypto market, an ETF in the real world, will not only represent a huge array of currencies and will behave as such, but also include opportunities for reasonable blockchain contracts.

The purpose of the system is to create a system of tokens ETF, which will allow users who, as we predict, will be players with global assets and individuals, collect units or indices of creation in accordance with their specific investment goals and Advantages. Most ETF-tokensto be launched will be on blockchain that is easily supported by other exchanges. Accordingly, their list on future decentralized exchanges is very probable, since the protocols for their list and trade are readily accessible. Kryptoin ETF tokens allow buyers and users of tokens to receive risks/rewards, similar to how to store all Cryptoalty, presented in the basket. One more advantage is that it is not necessary to collect and own portfolio independently. ETFs generally proved its necessity and demands on any stock market, as evidenced by their tremendous growth.

Given that the world that has so much available data and information and is becoming more interconnected, data analysis and research of these vehicles for new assets will become more and more popular. Along with this, the public needs more leadership and transparency. ETFs and their indexes can be created to be a benchmark for many market markets emerging around the world.
The main opportunities of the ecosystem
To achieve these goals, the following features were needed: The system required other high-level systems, which worked with each other, in order to deepen the ecosystem of ETF exchanges. The main components include:
1. Five levels of users with defined roles and capabilities
2. Ability to build a group creation.
3. Ability to create an index
4. Appendix Megawallet
A allows users to create basket addresses for user levels
b allows you to share and roll prices in BTC/ETH and USD (T)
In connection to nodes blockchain
D deposit and remove from the Recycle Bin
e Recovery of the transaction fees
e creation/Redemption of the creation of units of creation
is storage of assets in AUM
H Planning and balancing of transactions in a database
5. A shopping table
A. Integration with Bittrex and Bitfinex exchanges
B Arbitration Price comparisons
At the same time buy/sell through Exchange
D Definition of premium/discounts in national currency
6. Integrated clever contract of tokens

Advantages of the system ETF
The popularity of ETF model within the stock exchanges globally has exploded in recent years. At the end of 2015, the United States was around 1800 ETF, and in the world-4400, having assets worth about $2 trillion. It is noteworthy that only in January 2018, the products were invested about 5 trillion dollars.
One of the main attractions of ETF is its ability to provide coverage of the territories that were previously too expensive and/or difficult to reach. Trading Model ETF is fundamentally different from the model of closed assets (CEF) and is one of the reasons why the model ETF become so popular. ETF takes active means and allocates them through a process known as creation and redemption. The trading on the stock Exchange enables the ETF to act independently of the actual main assets basket and is still tied to what is used by the creation and redemption mechanism. This makes it impossible to ensure that the share price of ETF will always be traded against assets for which they can be exchanged. In some sense, Kryptoin  ETF acts as a transfer mechanism that provides both performance and liquidity to its underlying assets to the owner of the contract in a convenient package. If the base assets were the only form of liquidity, they would be like a normal type of Tokau mutual fund. Instead, the exchange of letters adds another component to the liquidity infrastructure. ETFs can track the performance of the primary index, product, or asset basket. It is convenient for users who want or need exposure in certain markets and do not want to purchase individual assets for this. This avoids large trading costs and saves time. Now, using ETFs kryptoin, you just acquire one token, which will track the fate of all the coins in the index.

Sale of Tokens
Kryptoin will conduct Initial Token Offer in the form of a Dutch auction. This event tokens will be releasing registered participants in accordance with the “Kryptoin Distribution Document” Ethereum ERC20-compliant tokens. The sales process will be performed with a reasonable contract. The participants of the auction who send Ethereum to this contract and are considered the winners of the bidding will receive tokens KRP to their shopping cart Ethereum, following the above-mentioned stages of the sales schedule of tokens below.

Token KRP
Preico Price 1 KRP = 0.10 ETH
Price 1 KRP = 0.12 ETH
Minimum investment amount: 0.1 ETH
Soft Cap 28.557 ETH
Hard Cap 114.311 ETH
Country-Cayman Islands


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