KUBITX – Currently, the cryptocurrency market is developing and is capitalization of about 250 billion. Dollars. There are analysts ‘ predictions that this figure is just the beginning. Consequently, the demand for crypto exchanges will also increase. Blockchain technology is gaining popularity today and is rapidly evolving. The growth of cryptocurrency last year and the big Hyip around all this gave rise to many cryptocurrency exchanges. However, some of them had their drawbacks, for example, there were cases when the exchanges hacked hackers and stole the funds of users. And also an uncomfortable interface that frightened many users. This project is going to correct these shortcomings.

KUBITX is one of the most advanced and reliable platforms for trading cryptocurrency on the blockchain, providing the user with a convenient and modern interface.

The project intends to solve a number of problems that arose in the sphere of cryptocurrencies trade:

 Today there are several trade exchanges, which have serious problems with liquidity, some of them take a large commission, so it is very expensive and not convenient for many people.
 Lack of good customer support. Traders often complain about bad feedback and delayed response.
 Security issues. Cryptocurrency space is often attacked by hackers who are trying to find vulnerabilities present on the exchanges in their favor. Many exchanges last year were attacked, resulting in a loss of about billions of dollars. Thus, exchanges really bear a huge responsibility for the money earned by their clients and should apply great efforts for the safety of means of people.
 Due to some exchanges, there is today a presence of whales in the market, and many people have had a distrust of the trade cryptocurrency. All this creates a negative image of the crypto market.

KUBITXwas developed not only as an instrument of trade but also as an engine of growth and development of developing markets, the project is aimed at fostering financial education and acceptance by Blockchain people. The team strives to provide access to financial services for a large part of the African population, thereby contributing to the continent’s overall economic growth, thus leading to a better quality of life for people in Africa.

The KUBITX team consists of an extremely talented and experienced group of professionals with significant experience from Fortune 500 companies and consulting firms “Big four”. Developers take into account the convenience of using a mobile application and develop it on IOS and Android.

The project will use the token KBX token ERC-20. This means that it can be easily stored and transported. Now, this type of tokens is very common and popular. It will be applied inside the platform. And also KBX will be used, first of all, for payment of trade charges on platform Kubitx.
The KUBITX project team has identified and reviewed the best practices regarding security measures, which include:
 Safe storage with a cold purse. Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS).
 Third-party external line authentication.
 Insurance of online/hot purses.
 Before authentication.
 Protection against multiple firewalls.
 Prevent DDoS.
 OWASP Top 10 Compliant.
 Advanced SSL Validation certificate.

Another task that faces the project team is to improve the feedback between platform users and the support team. It will include:
 User-friendly interface
 Improve the platform with customer feedback
Multi-channel support
 A detailed section of frequently asked questions and tutorials
 Work Support 24/7
 Availability of a Customer Support Center from the Global Channel Team to support tailored customers.

In my opinion, the project sets a worthy goal. The project has an excellent experienced team that inspires confidence. As I have already written the security of currency storage is one of the most important goals for developers. This should attract large investors and increase the level of people’s confidence in this area.

Web: http://www.kubitx.io
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