L-Pesa’s curated marketplace facilitating peer-to-peer lending: the first crypto loan service in Africa

L-Pesa Africa is a huge continent where over a billion people live. From the economic point of view, this is a very promising area. Now there are more solutions to enhance the quality of life of residents of the continent’s hottest. One of these ideas will be discussed in this article.

Project L-Pesa is a cryptographic exchange platform financially. L-Pesa will enable the people of Africa are not only using the money transfer service and withdrawal of money, but will also provide an opportunity to receive microloans without filling out a large number of documents, avoid the long wait for a response from the the Bank. All you need is to have a phone with mobile applications.

This project was able to do a breakthrough really revolutionary. Because that’s participated in the L-Pesa ICO can be a large investment. The team will launch a token Krypton itself, which is likely to have a bright future. Maybe there’s truth in the Declaration of creator: “L-Pesa-Bitcoin for Africa “. Therefore, any person can join a company.

For most people, they need a loan. With the loan, they can run their business. If the loan is used exactly that moment, their business will quickly develop. Looking at it made smart blocks Pesa L based on a loan, could make people on the internet. to be able to advance their business and become a successful entrepreneur. The reliable strategic vision can take loans in the Aether or Bitcoin, then this could be marketed loans to facilitate peer-to-peer L-Pesa to crypto service. who’s on first in Africa of L-Pesa is a company that has to validate models of operations during the last 18 months and is built on the latest technology, which automates most of the operations. about 25%.

There are four market forces converging on Scaling. Covering, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, alternative credit data, mobile technology, biometric identity. This system has a limited scope, and solutions aimed at the poor peasants and small business owners. Middle-class consumers and business owners in developing countries cannot ask a credit, but its current financial situation in these countries does not support billing credit. The current market presents a number of problems, among them:

Subscribe to. Consumer and business credit reports are used for traditional loan underwriting in developed countries are not generally available, and the unsecured loan will cause high rates of default.
Lack of bank credit. Traditional bank loans are not common in developing countries.
Microfinance focus on agriculture is only for traditional microfinance institutions often give loans to poor rural farmers. Middle-class consumption not permitted use of microfinance.
The business model of banks and MFIS that are not in their right mind have a high input costs, against a lack of data for the loan is assured, and often not applied.

The advantages of the new technology
Microfinance is targeting the poor only by consumers, farmers and owners of small businesses in Indonesia. Developing countries with the lowest poverty level have little chance to get the credit.
Most consumers are not banked. Many consumers, farmers and small business owners in developing countries do not have a bank account.

Barrier solutions described above are described as follows:
Large data, artificial intelligence and Blockchain this new tool lets you store large amounts of data and analyze the data with the costs a little bit a few years ago.
Progress in artificial intelligence offers new opportunities for automatic loan payment.
Blockchain technology allows exchange rates faster, safer and cheaper.
Blockchain technology has begun to revolutionize the financial services and it will take enormous results within the next 10 years-blockchain described. As internet and money will make internet financial services has information and.
The data credits alternative. New ten years ago, few data are available in most countries in the world. This has changed with the emergence of social media and related trends because the new tool has been developed to make this data useful for decision-making in loan subscription. released. L-Pesa has developed a unique model with credit based on user behavior combined with the data credits and reimbursement. Competitors L-Pesa have developed their own proprietary models. Experience the next decade would lead to increased best practices, which eventually became the industry standard.

Mobile phone-based technology during the last two years it has become one of the changes in technology and the market are the most profound in the history of mankind. Most people now have a mobile phone and many Smartphones. Mobile financial services such as M-Pesa is available in many countries and are supported by communities that do not differentiate and underserved. Mobile money services such as M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa and Paytm grow rapidly and allows L-Pesa.
Biometric identification of traditional microfinance is primarily dependent on large branch networks due to identity verification conducted online and instantly. Biometric Identification System India Aadhaar pave the way and register a 99% of the 1.2 billion people in India. Other countries expected to successfully implement a biometric identity card will create major cost savings and the ability to provide financial services without a branch network.

The main activity of L-Pesa are:
Office automation system allows automatic most tasks automation
Seamlessly integrate with mobile money provider to get the payment and collection of loans efficiently.
The loan process is very effective-the most important online and fully automated.
Customized credit rating models have been adjusted. 35,000 loans L-Pesa first yield losses of less than 10%.
Customers L-Pesa has the right financial options to help them improve their lives of third party capital Provider L-Pesacan use those funds to get some interesting results.
Shareholders and employees of L-Pesa can obtain the results of investment and human resources that make sense.
Token L-Pesa

Token name: KRYPTON
Effect Of Code: LPK
Name Of Owner: L-Pesa International Business Ltd., Gibraltar.

Financial auditor
The token type: Ethereum ERC20
The total number of tokens: maximum of 3, 200 million. The final amount of the resulting Chips will be calculated based on the amount of donations. The last issue will be published at the end of ICO.

During the pre-sale, the participant has the right to get the following bonuses:
Level 1-in the first 4 days-15%
Level 2 – In the next 14 days-10%
Level 3 – in the next 28 days-5%
Tier4-the last day in the 14-0%
The bonus day
Sale 30 days without bonuses,
level 1 4 days 15%,
level 2 14 days 10%
level 3 28 days 5%,
level 4 14 days 0%
Distributed token

57% public (on all cards made) Consulting Group and 20% 22% 1% Premium Reserve (drop-down) time between: L-Pesa spent 12 months in custody. Transfer token: the Token will be transferred to the bank. the buyer after payment confirmation/payment of the ICO. The token will only be activated after the end of ICO. In addition, Token Lite will only exist after completion of the ICO.
Crowdfunding campaign will have two general steps:
Presale, where the minimum amount of contributions will be set at 5 ETH and bonuses offered will be 25%. Presale will last 30 days.
Public sales where there will be no minimum contribution and bonus is provided as follows:
In the first 4 days-15%
In the next 14 days-10%
In the next 28 days-5%
In the last 14 days-0%
Semi-public will last 60 days. The purpose of the minimum budget (soft cap) is $5 million and the maximum amount acceptable (loud capital) is $25 million. Suggested price is $0.01.
Register before the token before you sell it! You will receive 1,000 free coins ($18.00) directly to your wallet. The coins it automatically transforms the code when they begin to share. The list below for your free coin collecting now!

ICO Calendar L-Pesa
Sale on March 10, 2018
Previous sales ended on 9 April 2018
ICO began on 10 April 2018
ICO ended on June 10, 2018

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