Laccoin – The New Latin American and Caribbean Economy

Laccoin is an Ethereum-supported crypto that uses a mobile wallet. Individual users have the option to exchange their Kryptowährungen and Lac tokens via their mobile purse or to issue their LAC tokens or another crypto via their prepaid debit card from Laccoin. Laccoin Wallet will be available for download via iOS or the Android marketplace. Team Intention is not head-to-head with traditional banking services, but to ease the burdens of people and businesses who do not have easy access to traditional banking services in the Lac Regimon.

Another advantage of the crypto compared to the current currencies is the speed of the transactions. Sending money to a relative in another country through the existing bank system takes considerable time and money. The team believes that, with the use of the Laccoіn ecosystem, we can provide people with the LAC Region with easy access to resources.

Many of these people would normally be unrivaled with the current system. Blockchain technology, which makes it cheaper, faster and safer, is an excellent way to reach out and share with the Government, whether with the traditional economy or the new future of the economy. Team vision is to create a favorable ecosystem for monetary transactions, which will be an alternative to the existing banking system.
Laccoin Wallet
The LAC wallet is the answer to the lack of funds and other financial circumstances that have been described earlier. By using the smartphone, users can send money freely to other users and businesses in the Lac area. Since there is a choice of debit cards, users will be able to pay not only through their wallets or a QPR code, but also to buy them at multiple points of acceptance only at crypto-friendly stores. You will be able to use your wallets or other currencies that will support the wallet.

Debit card
Each Laccoin wallet user has the option of applying for a Laccoіn debit card that works in conjunction with the wallet. Since physically prepared debit cards are more accessible to people in the LAC region than with traditional debit cards, the focus will be on physical debit cards.

The Symbionese Liin between the wallet and the Laccoin debit or virtual cards allows the user to access certain block opportunities: ER20 supports Ethereum, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Liccoin (LTC) and Laccoin (LAC) or other public registers Assets that are in demand. The purse of Laccoin can be financed via the bank. In addition, non-banked and underbanked users can load ATMs to their wallets, from which funds can be transferred further into their Laccoin wallet. Laccoіn works directly with Visa and MasterCard to provide the best available options for LAC debit card users. Team statement is the de facto currency for the Latin American and Caribbean region, which is about 628,924,400 m. The population programme for the year 2020 is around 700 million.

Token details
Description detail on the provision of bank inclusions for a bank, nonbank and sub-banking accounts within the LAC region and members of the LAC region abroad
Ticker symbol LAC
Token background Lac token based on the Ethereum Blockchain
Token sales Date November 1, 2018
Token percentage: Available 55%
Project status Beta test completed successfully
Accepted Currencies Foretokens ETH
The view of the technology of equal, block and Kryptokurven has the potential to solve problems that have plagued the least stable members of the LAC regime.

It would be naïve to believe that the same traditional brick and the mortal financing system was confronted not to be encountered by the block and cryptocurrency community.

We sell 330 Million LAC Token. All tokens that are not sold after this phase of the ICO will be burned. The minimum requirement for this project is $5 Million USD.
In which case we will collect less than 5 million USD, we will refund all the funds collected.


ETH, BTC, USD & EUR will be accepted.

Laccoin is cryptocurrency which is supported by a mobile wallet that uses the Ethereum. Individual users will have the option to exchange their token LAC and cryptocurrency with each other via their mobile phone or wallet spend their cryptocurrency or LAC token other prepaid debit cards through their Laccoin. Laccoin wallet will be available for download through the iOS or Android market.

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